About The Chairman 2009/10

Hello and welcome to the blog.

This is the first time a Chairman of Wychavon District Council has written a blog. The intention is to inform, educate and encourage the residents of Wychavon District and the public globally, to get in touch and comment on anything the Chairman or the council are doing, or intending to do, or are not doing.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints, criticisms or praise, please contact me through this blog and I will help, maybe not in the way you want, but I will get answers, that I promise.

The main role of the Chairman is to act as a non-political, civic and ceremonial head of the District of Wychavon.

The role of the Chairman also includes:

• Chairing meetings of the Council
• Acting as official host to visitors of the District
• To represent the District at civic and ceremonial events
• To promote public involvement in the Council’s activities
The Chairman for 2009/10 is Councillor A L Dyke

The Chairman is the first citizen throughout the District and takes precedence over all others, except if Royalty, the Lord Lieutenant or the High Sheriff is present.

Whenever a representative of the District Council is required to officiate at a public function, it is appropriate for the Chairman to be invited. In his/her absence, the Vice-Chairman of the Council can attend.

The Chairman of the District Council takes precedence over the Town Mayors and Parish Council Chairman.

If the event is organised by or on behalf of the District Council, or is hosted by them, the Chairman takes precedence over all other guests.

The Local Government Act 1972 provides that the Chairman ‘shall have precedence in the District’. Accordingly the place to be reserved for the Chairman should be on the immediate right of the Chairman or person presiding at the function. The Chairman and consort should be met on arrival by the Chairman or person presiding at the function.

It is of considerable help to the Chairman if the function questionnaire we send out can be sent back to our offices at the earliest convenient date.

If you require any additional information, or if any group or organisation would like the Chairman to attend their event, please contact the Chairman’s Office by post, telephone, fax or email

• Contact: Support Services, Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore, WR10 1PT
• Telephone: 01386 565201 / 565420
• Email: karen.peters@wychavon.gov.  or amanda.ladds@wychavon.gov.uk
uk• Fax: 01386 561091


4 Responses to “About The Chairman 2009/10”

  1. Sammy Spencer Says:

    LOL,this is all clever stufff.
    Some great pictures.
    Nice one!
    See u soon, matey.

    • Andrew Dyke Says:

      Well hello there. You are my first bit of feedback. Thanks. We will bring Dog to the Penny Lane Event on 10/7/2009. Cheers – Andrew

  2. David Morris Says:

    Andrew very clever photos already in from 4th july great seeing you both

    • Andrew Dyke Says:

      Thanks for the compliment on the blog. I try to keep it as up to date as possible. See you soon and good luck on the 16th July.

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