A Cabaret to Celebrate 1300 years since the consecration of Evesham Abbey 709-2009 held in All Saints Church.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening Michael Bowen did an incredible keeping- the show on course, well almost. Well done

Music and fun from ‘A bit of Fun’ and they certainly were.

Michael the shepherd, (John Raphael) with his tale of going on holiday. Audience participation was mandatory, although not quite to Michael’s standard in places. You had to be there 🙂

 Musyck Anon, entertained us with tunes from the Tudor era, some written by King Henry V111

Extraordinary trumpet playing by Paul Woods. The tune of My Grandfathers Clock, like you have never heard it before. Quite dazzling


 The ‘Queen’ giving dancing lessons to Andrew Spurr. He needs a bit more practice!

The Warwick Courtiers. Dancing as they would have done it when King Henry V111 was alive.

Read by Diana Raphael and Pam Randel and this time including Gordon Dennicks (Evesham’s Poet) brought the proceedings to a close. A wonderful evening.

Readings from letters written everyday Evesham residents in the early part of this century by Diana Raphael and Pam Randel

The Evesham Singers, conducted by Oliver Lister

Simon de Montfort (John Raphael)

Brother Oswold (Tony Whiting) who gave us a wonderful insight into life an Evesham monk in the 6th century


Poems from Bob Woodroofe and Mike Edward.


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