Droitwich Spa Town Council Mayormaking

The annual meeting of Droitwich town council, to elect a mayor for the new municipal year. The ceremony this year was held at Main Hall, Droitwich Spa Community Hall, Heritage way, Droitwich Spa on Monday 18th May 2009 at 7.00pm


Outgoing Mayor, Cllr Mrs Glenise Noyes opens the meeting and asks for nominations for the position of Mayor.


Cllr Mrs Jan Bolton proposes Cllr Mrs Maureen Lawley, a previous holder of this office, (2001)


Duly elected, Cllr Mrs Lawley makes the declaration of office and takes  the oath while holding a copy of the bible.


The first announcement of the new mayor is that her consort will be her husband and fellow councillor Don Lawley. Cllr Don Lawley has been mayor previously 4 times (1975-1984-1989-2000)


Cllr Mrs Glenise Noyes making her farewell remarks and thanking those that have given special help during her year, including her consort, husband Tom.


The mayor addresses the meeting, outlining her plans for the new year, including announcing her charities and chaplain. This was followed by various appointments to members of committees and representatives on outside bodies.

The election was celebrated with dinner at the nearby Raven Hotel


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