Young Farmers Annual County Show


 On the left County Chairman Miss Katie Brian and Year show chairman Neil Warren welcoming guests to the show. And a brilliant show it was. I had no idea such a huge range of activities go on at Young farmers. Wendy and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for the invitation.


 Chairman and consort with totem poles

Wendy and the wind turbine

Emmn, Paella and it smelt as good as it looks and I’m sure it tasted good too.


Just one of the many entries in the cookery competition

Livestock on show

Livestock on show

View across the show

Steam tractor

Signpost that was made in a week after the original was stolen



Chairman’s consort ready for the chariot race

Another of the many competitions, decorate a cake. Theme weather

Just one of the many competitions, to bone and roll a chicken. Wendy Dyke looks on.

Cheerleaders performing for the judges and appreciated by the crowd.

Chariot race, boy did they put some wellie into it. Great fun

Chariot race

Unfortunately the chairman’s car broke down, so the WDC helicopter was used to save the Chairman being late. Another wonderful facility available to the Chairman.



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