Open Farm Sunday

An opportunity to discover the story behind our food. A day for everyone, to meet the people who grow our food and care for our countryside. Our hosts were District and County Councillor Rob Adams and his wife Kate at their farm, Aston Hall Farm, Spetchley.


Cllr Rob Adams with Chairman and consort


You bump into all sorts of characters on these tours :-). This one, horse lover and fellow councillor Lynne Duffy explains livestock spotting to the Chairman’s consort


View across the farmhouse courtyard


Sheep shearing demonstration


Just some of the livestock to see. There were also Pigs, Beef Cows, Horses, Calves, Lambs, Ewes, Mares and Foals.


The Chairman trying his hand at archery. Other activities on offer were, farm walk, growing crops, orchard and hedgerow regeneration. Pond restoration. Bird and wildlife habitats.


Taking the farm trailer tour with Cllr Rob Adams as guide.


The trailer tours were very popular


Cllr Adams points out the newly planted orchard. 135 trees of many different types and varieties


Fantastic views across the Wychavon countryside.


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