Leisure Centre Ice Rink Petition


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of presenting to WDC, at full council, a petition from many of the students at Evesham High school, requesting the council look at the possibility of converting the Evesham Leisure Centre into an ice rink. The centre is being closed in late 2009 because a new and more up to date one is being built in Evesham. The petition had well over 100 signatures, was well presented and showed that real thought had gone into the request.

 It was decided as a result of the students work, I as Chairman and Wendy as consort, with Jack Hegarty Wychavon District Council MD, should visit the school and talk directly to the lead players, some of which are pictured above.

The meeting was a great success and we were able to explain in some detail the difficulties in converting the existing leisure centre in the way the students would like. We also  talked generally and candidly about facilities for young people in the town. We will take back to Wychavon a greater understanding of youth desires and I hope those attending the meeting, know a little more about local government and how it operates. 

L- R Ashanti Jones, Leah Coulson, Lois Cotton, Lee Rodwell, Scott Coulson, Matt Brookes.




2 Responses to “Leisure Centre Ice Rink Petition”

  1. Paul Harris Says:

    Hi, Interesting, why not keep the current leisure center, keep the squash courts and gym, which many people will still use, put an ice-rink / Bowling alley in and make something in this town for people to do. The fact that the new leisure center has no facility for squash courts (even though there are 4-5 leagues in the town) is pretty poor. The need for a climbing wall is pathetic! What are we going to have a town full of Gladiators contestants?? The rowing club are the only place that now has courts and they are always fully booked.

    • Andrew Dyke Says:

      Hello Mr Harris.
      Thank you for you enquiry.
      The leisure centre that we have now in Evesham, is past it’s useful life and to try and maintain the building and facilities up to the required standard, would be more expensive than building a new one.
      When the new building was first thought about, a great deal of consultation took place to try and find out what people would like, bearing in mind, this facility will be around for the next 30 years. I was surprised to see that a climbing wall came up high on the list and squash was low. You are right squash courts are available at the Rowing Club. The gym at the new centre incorporates spectacular state of the art machines. You will be delighted with these when you try them.
      An Ice rink is a nice idea, but the maintenance costs are massive and the season, so I am told is short, so that also has been looked at and discarded. Similarly with a bowling alley in many ways. Bowling alley’s are seen as very much a commercial business and not something council’s generally get involved with. I like you, would love to see a commercial company come to Evesham and set one up. I can assure you, Wychavon District Council, would give every assistance to anyone wanting to try.

      Mr Harris I hope that answers some of your points. Thank you again for your interest and please get in touch again if you nee any more information.



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