Fladbury Walkabout

July 12th 3pm
The Fladbury walkabout is a community event, that shows just how good village life is when everybody works together for a common aim. In this case,raising  some £18,000! for the beautiful church building and other local causes. The festival started in the 1970’s as a flower show and has grown to include the whole village. 26 gardens are on show, there are art exhibitions, craft stalls, food and drink stalls, entertainment, boat trips, ferry trips, the atmosphere is wonderful.
More details can be found here http://www.fladbury.com/fladbury/walkabout.htm

Fladbury Walkabout01

Some of the classic cars on show

Fladbury Walkabout05

Our host, Andy Parslow, Chairman of the FladburyWalkabout, standing with his own classic.

Fladbury Walkabout02

Many of the gardens run down to the river. We have seen the view from the water many times, so it is interesting to see it looking the other way. The boat is giving river trips.

Fladbury Walkabout03

One of the gardens

Fladbury Walkabout06

The village hall, serving refreshmentsand an with art exhibition.

Fladbury Walkabout09

Church of St John the Baptist

Fladbury Walkabout07

One of the 25 stunning flower arrangements

Fladbury Walkabout10

Church Street, looking north

Fladbury Walkabout11

Stalls and entertainment on the green

Fladbury Walkabout12

Wychavon District Council ward member Tom McDonald and granddaughters

Fladbury Walkabout14

one of the local hostelries, the other being the Chequers being well used on this very hot day.

Fladbury Walkabout15

Fladbury lock

The day ended up with a songs of praise service and readings at the church. When we came out just after 6pm, you would never know there had been a festival at all. Amazing clearup by all concerned. A Lovely afternoon. Many thanks for the invite.



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