The Royal Garden Party – Buckingham Palace.

July 14th all day
Each year the Chairman and consort, with 2 guests, are invited by the Lord Chamberlain, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, to attend the Royal Garden Party.

Royal Garden Party03

Royal Garden Party06

Royal Garden Party02

Having been collected at 10am and after a short stop for coffee and a comfort break on route we arrive at the Goring Hotel for lunch.

Royal Garden Party09

Our guest’s, Paul and Amanda Middlebrough, Paul is leader of the council.

Royal Garden Party24

Royal Garden Party12

Pictures are not allowed inside the grounds and gardens of Buckingham Palace. These pictures were taken at about 6.30pm when we came out, along with several thousand others!

Royal Garden Party20

Royal Garden Party19

Royal Garden Party13

Having completed their duties, the  Beefeater’s in state dress uniform, head home for their own tea.

We stopped on the way home at a pub just outside Oxford for a meal and got home 12 hours after we left. 
A brilliant very memorable day. Thanks to Les Eales, our chauffeur who made the whole day very relaxed and enjoyable.


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