The Bromsgrove Flyer

July 18th 5.30pm
Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster

This was a charity function organised by Chairman Of  Bromsgrove District council, Cllr Chris Scurrell. When I asked Chris if he was a train buff, he said ”that was a massive understatement’.

It was a great event, well supported, as I think the pictures reflect. I know a great deal of money was raised f0r the Chairman’s charity appeal. We were told to bring our own picnic and drinks and enjoy the train, company and countryside. So we did:-)

Bromsgrove Flyer15

Bromsgrove Flyer01

Kidderminster station

Bromsgrove Flyer02

Booking office

Bromsgrove Flyer04

Heading for the platform

Bromsgrove Flyer05

Chairman of  Bromsgrove District Council Cllr Chris Scurrell

Bromsgrove Flyer09

The Chairman’s favourite train

Bromsgrove Flyer13

Bromsgrove Flyer16

On the left, Deputy Mayor of Evesham and consort Pat

Bromsgrove Flyer18

Bromsgrove Flyer23

View from the train of the West Midlands Safari Park

Bromsgrove Flyer24

Bromsgrove Flyer27

Bewdley Station

Bromsgrove Flyer32

Bromsgrove Flyer33

Bromsgrove Flyer36

Bromsgrove Flyer38

Bromsgrove Flyer39

 Bromsgrove Flyer40

Bromsgrove Flyer41

Bromsgrove Flyer44

Bromsgrove Flyer45

Our train taking on water at Bridgenorth for the return journey

Bromsgrove Flyer48

Signal master Wendy

Bromsgrove Flyer51

Deputy Mayor of Evesham and consort Pat

Bromsgrove Flyer53

Bromsgrove Flyer56

Bromsgrove Flyer63

Bromsgrove Flyer65

 There were places to get off and have a look around. The railway is in excellent condition and well looked after.


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