It's gone a bit quiet

Traditionally, once the school holidays have started it goes a little quiet on the function front. That does not mean that there is nothing to do, far from it. After the citizenship ceremony on July 23rd this is what happened

24th – 10.30 meeting with Diana Raphael, All saints Church staff and Wendy to plan the table arrangements for the Monks Supper

25th and 26th Time to catch up on home stuff.  Had a very productive weekend. Painted the downstairs back of the house yesterday and cut the lawns. Replaced some of the wooden slats on the mooring and laid slabs ready for a bench.

27th WDC all day in the office and  Town Council in the evening

28th Final arrangements for full council today and meeting concerning LSP/MTP committee at 4pm

29th Meeting with Evesham Town Clerk and others regarding Ice Rink at Christmas

30th WDC Office all day paperwork catch up.

31st Day off with Wendy and Holly our granddaughter. Went to the park in Pershore and had a picnic. Lovely day.

August 1st……….See Simon De Montfort

So as you can see, there is never a dull moment.


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