E. W. Huxley 80th Birthday Party

Sunday August 23rd 10.30am

In 1929, Ernie and Eileen Huxley moved to Hampton Ferry to operate a small holding market garden and look after the ferry, which was then the only link between Hampton and Evesham.  

As their business grew, more and more people visited to buy Ernie’s bedding plants and asparagus and Eileen began to offer afternoon teas to the weary visitors.  The business developed further and expanded to include a camping site and fishery.  To accommodate early rising anglers, Eileen expanded her cuisine to include sausage and bacon sandwiches, which in turn created the Vale’s most famous culinary attraction!  Not one to waste good food, Eileen used the crusts from the loaves of bread to make Bread Pudding.

Hampton Ferry is now home to a holiday caravan site with seventy privately-owned holiday caravans, boat moorings, angling facilities and the award winning Raphael’s Licensed Restaurant.

The Ferry hasn’t changed much since 1929 and remains Evesham’s Natural Beauty Spot.

Angling, Boat Moorings and Holiday Homes
please contact: Mrs. Diana Raphael (01386) 442458

E. W. Huxley & Son,
Hampton Ferry, Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 4BP


The scene is set, Raphael’s car park is coming alive to the party.


The marquee is being used for the party and a multitude of other events planned for the coming week


The charity balloon race. Picture Trudy Burge


is set off


and hundreds of balloons are sent into the sky.


Hospital Radio are providing the entertainment. The picture shows Pete Challenger, Trudy Burge, Diana Raphael and, well by now you should now the other two. Picture Trudy Burge ( well her camera to be acurate 🙂


Of course, I have to play a game


and I come second and win a goody bag. Picture Trudy Burge


Stands have come from all sorts of clubs and organisations. These chaps are from the Wychavon Oil Engine and Preservation Society




 Fancy a pony ride?


The Arms cadets challenge me to get through the ‘mine field’ without setting any off!



I set off 19, before I got to the end


Produce stalls were in the marquee


And fair trade too. L-R Rosemary Message, Lynn Jakeman, Reg Jackman, and the other two. Picture Rev Andrew Spurr

A lovelly day and wonderful to celebrate an Evesham success. Long may the dynasty continue.



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