Cookhill Village Fete

September 5th 2.00pm
Cookhill Village Hall


It was my pleasure to be invited to open the village fete. This what I said in my opening remarks:-

Good afternoon everyone,

It is a great pleasure for Wendy and me to be here. When I became Chairman in May, it was my desire to visit all the Wychavon wards during the 12 months of my chairmanship and this invitation is a result of that request. What is lovely for me is to see real people doing real and meaningful things for the benefit of the community. Now, when the chairman gets an invitation an information form is sent out this gives the chairman some background information about the place he is visiting. The form in this case came back and I am going to read what it says, because it talks about one rather special person within this community.

Quote ‘Cookhill is a very vibrant village and the village hall is the centre of all it’s activities. Eileen Payne is the hub of allthe events that take place (and these are many) and she works tirelessly to keep the village hall up to scratch. It has just paid off a £20,000 debt which Wychavon imposed to bring the sewerage system up to date and so today’s event will help to swell the coffers for the next project that Eileen Payne will surely have in mind’ unquote.

If only we had an Eileen Payne in every village.

Congratulations to her and to all who have contributed to today’s fete. I know how much work goes into organising these events. To those attending, spend far more money than you intended, support Cookhill and above all, have fun.


Eileen Payne and husband on the bottle tombola (a prize every time) and Wendy and I did rather well 😉


A very well supported event.


lots to do outside as well


Well done all.


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