Pershore Plum Festival

August 31st 9.30am

This year Pershore celebrates the plum for the 26th time and the festival is bigger and better than ever. Attracting some 12,000 visitors on Bank holiday Monday alone, this month long extravaganza is a fantastic community event that produces a wonderful atmosphere and helps Pershore in many ways.


Trevor Harrison aka Eddie Grundy from radio soap The Archers, opens the festival by reading his

‘Ode to the Pershore Plum’

Good people in Worcestershire today you have come

To hear an ode to the Great Pershore Plum.

From Evesham and Worcester to join in our fun,

There is even some nice folks from Birrr- mingham.

So come you good folk gather around

Shh, not a whisper, hush not a sound

No talking, no laughing until our work’s done

And we have all heard the Ode to the Great Pershore Plum.

There’s no doubt oh great plum you’ve got what it takes

You’re delicious in puddings exquisite in cakes.

You’re divine on your own, in jam you’re so fine (just think of the ecstasy on Pershore plum wine).

Whether you’re purple or whether you’re yellow

You’ll put a smile on the face of any mean fellow.

So blast on the trumpet and bang that bass drum

For we have all heard the Ode to the Great Pershore Plum.

 Trevor Harrison August 2009



Also in attendance on the Archers Addicts stall was Hedli Niklaus aka Kathy Perks


The opening ceremony party on walkabout


Mayor of Pershore consort Mrs Jan Parsons, with one of her flower arrangements in Pershore Abbey.


Pershore High Street, bustling with people


One of the many bands around the town


The classic car show in the Abbey grounds was huge. I have never seen so many different types of cars in one place


You know what this is!


Not a spec anywhere


this dates from the 1950’s




With the beautiful Buick cars from the 1920’s and 30’s


and, if you get fed up, you can always chuck your teddy of the Abbey roof!


Why? 🙂


Memorabilia to view and buy.



The market was having it’s best year ever


and here is just a small reason why. The market was selling all sorts of vegetables, wine, cheese, beer, sausages, bread, and much more including of course a large selection of plums.

A brilliant festival. Thanks to Angela Tidmarsh at Wychavon District Council and everybody that took part.


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