Evesham Operatic and Dramatic Society Presents 'Annie'

September 16th 7.30pm
Arts Centre, Evesham
Wednesday show cast



Annie, played by Chloe Golding


Miss Hannigan ( Alison Roberts ) surrounded by the Orphans ( Marie Emond, Sarah Gregory, Olivia McLaughlin, Rose Johnson, Olivia Jones, Rhianna Jacobs and  ‘Annie’ played by Chloe Golding)


Miss Hannigan played by Alison Roberts


Grace Farrell played by Claire Perkins


Daddy Warbucks played by Ken Knight


Rooster played by Dean Bayliss

annie extra6

This picture and those that follow of the live show, were taken from the shows that featured the ‘other’ Annie. Due to age restriction laws, there had to be two sets of child actors performing on alternative show nights. All photo’ s by kind permission of EODS President, John Nettell.

annie extra7

annie extra8

annie extra9

Annie was a joy to watch. The whole cast acted, sung, danced brilliantly and put on a very memorable show. This was definitely one of the best musical performances I have ever seen at the Arts Centre.

The pictures above are taken from the program as photographic restrictions during the show made live shots impossible. Thanks to the producers for allowing me to reproduce them here. There were of course many others in the cast who deserve a mention but unfortunately space is limited. After the show had finished, Wendy and I went backstage to congratulate the cast, musicians, backroom crew and production teams. I took these photo’s of the recently installed splendid new seats, the purchase of which has been helped with a grant from Wychavon District Council.






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