Evesham Rowing Club – Mass Boat Naming

September 27th 11.30am

A very special day which Wendy and I were delighted to witness. The naming of several rowing boats of varying types and sizes. Many named after people who had given good service to the club and one in memory of a member from times gone by.

Evesham Rowing Club was founded in 1863, by twelve townsfolk eager ‘to pursue the manly and innocent recreation of rowing’. Much water has flowed past the landing stage since the inaugural meeting, and today Evesham is a very active rowing club and a truly multi-sport club.

There are 740 members divided amongst different sports, with many partaking in more than their own particular passion.


  • Six all weather tennis courts with floodlighting
  • Three squash courts
  • The largest weight-lifting section in the West Midlands
  • Function room

Evesham Rowing Club16

Chairman John Lomas, welcome guests and club members to the ceremony, flanked by senior club committee members

Evesham Rowing Club01

Boats ready for naming

Evesham Rowing Club07

the ceremony was well attended

Evesham Rowing Club08

President Mr Rudge gets the naming under way.

Evesham Rowing Club13

Evesham Rowing Club14

Evesham Rowing Club20

Evesham Rowing Club21

as each boat is named it gets lifted gently into the water for the row past

Evesham Rowing Club24

Evesham Rowing Club28

Evesham Rowing Club30

The Spirit of Freedom on Avon, creeps silently past

Evesham Rowing Club31

a boat for the beginners, known as the diddy boat

Evesham Rowing Club32

a final view from the boat clubhouse. Refreshments following the ceremony were excellent, thank you for the invitation.
Evesham rowing club is one of the top clubs in the country and regularly wins competitions and has members who row at the highest levels internationaly.
Find out more here:-


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