The Cutweb Rally

September 26/27th
Blue Lias, Stockton, Southam, Warwickshire.

Every year about this time, a group of like minded, boating enthusiasts, get together for a catch up and to eat drink and make merry. We are all members of ‘Cutweb’ a virtual boating club and we meet via the internet at a newsgroup set up for entertainment, interest, information and to help each other in anything boaty.
Our website is here:-
Normally, Wendy and I would take our own narrowboat and make a holiday out of the trip to and from Stockton. A round trip of a couple of hours by car is a couple of weeks by boat. We arrived at 1.30pm. This year we had to be back on Sunday morning for a function. Brenda and Graham Keens on Narrowboat Jannock kindly gave us a bed for the night.
There are a large number of pictures, which hopefully, do not need much introduction.

cutweb 0901

cutweb 0902

cutweb 0904

cutweb 0932

cutweb 0933

cutweb 0934

cutweb 0926

 Chums enjoying the warm September sunshine

cutweb 0928

cutweb 0930

cutweb 0938

a time for putting the world to rights

cutweb 0941

cutweb 0943

afternoon tea was accompanied with cake.

cutweb 0907

and then salsa music with a lot of banging, crashing and shaking

cutweb 0910


cutweb 0913

our teacher

cutweb 0915

some of us are trying to read!

cutweb 0925

that’s me at the back in the middle with the shaker

cutweb 0945

and then in the evening our entertainment was a racy tale from the waterways.

cutweb 0953

cutweb 0948

cutweb 0949

cutweb 0950


cutweb 0952

followed by the famous raffle

cutweb 0958

don’t ask!

cutweb 0959

cutweb 0963

cutweb 0968

and more salsa
Click below for video

cutweb 0971

still don’t ask 🙂

cutweb 0972

cutweb 0973

the view from the bridge the following morning

cutweb 0937

The End!

Thanks to everyone who took part and especially the organisers. Another very successful year.



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  1. Brian and Diana nb Harnser Says:

    Great Photos

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