Evesham Mop Fair

Thursday October 1st
Merstow Green, Evesham

Every year, Evesham Town Council are invited by the fair operators to officially open the fair. The fair runs for 3 days ( Thursday – Saturday) and covers a large part of Evesham town centre, dazzling and delighting residents as it has done for more than 400 years.

From The Evesham Journal – It was a carnival scene as rides of all shapes and sizes were set up in the nooks and crannies along the High Street and around Merstow Green, blending the town’s 17th century architecture with the bright lights of the fair ground attractions. It is called the Mop Fair because it was originally a trade fair where potential employees could meet employers to fulfill the area’s demand for labour. It was the tradition for the employee to carry around something that signified their trade or skill, while those without many marketable skills would carry a mop. But these days it is all about having fun, while taking a turn on the many exciting rides if you dare.


Town Crier, John Raphael introduces the opening ceremony



Mr Edward Danter, fair operator, says a few words of welcome



Photo, Evesham Journal
As usual, the mayor of Evesham, Councillor Alan Booth, had the honour of opening the Mop Fair on the Thursday. He said: “It was a nice warm night and well attended, but the rides seem to be bigger and faster each year. “It was also nice to have the carousel back after an absence of about 40 years. This year’s Mop Fair was a bit more traditional in that respect.


Consort Wendy and other councillors enjoying the Carousel


you would not get me on  one of these!


Or these!


Or these!


Much more me 🙂


Wendy likes the more gentle rides, with granddaughter Holly


Mr Mayor, tries his hand at knocking the cans off the shelf.


and wins a tiger, GRRRRRRRRR


Wow, what fun 🙂


I like the big wheel. So does Cllr Helen Sinfield and Mum, Pat Bulman Deputy Mayor Consort


view from the top



Everyone a winner 🙂
Many thanks to Edward Danter and fair crew who gave us and thousands of others a wonderful night.




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