Tewkesbury Mop

Friday 9th October, 6.30pm
Tewkesbury Town Centre.

Tewkesbury Mop Fair has is roots planted firmly in tradition, much the same as Evesham, only Tewkesbury is much, much bigger. Most of the town centre is covered with rides and stalls of all shapes and sizes.

Tewk Mop03

After meeting at the Abbey Parish Hall, invited guest’s process to the Cross for the official opening and wreath laying ceremony

Tewk Mop04

Both Tewkesbury town and borough mayor’s lay wreaths

Tewk Mop05

as do the showmen. Here, Edward Danter lays his wreath

Tewk Mop09

The worshipful the Mayor of the Borough Tewkesbury, Councillor Mark Williams, opens the fair

Tewk Mop10

and with the town mayor have the first ride

Tewk Mop19

and then the fun begins…………

Tewk Mop12

Tewk Mop15

Tewk Mop24

Tewk Mop32

Tewk Mop34

Tewk Mop35

Tewk Mop45

Tewk Mop48

Oh deer!

Tewk Mop49

Tewk Mop50

Tewk Mop56

Wendy’s favorite, the ‘gallopers’

Tewk Mop58

Tewk Mop59

The evening ended with a reception, including very welcome hot food, back at the hall. The mayors were each presented with a cheque for £3000, to go towards their charity appeal.
A really great night enjoyed by many thousands.


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