Cream Tea with Henry Sandon MBE

Pershore Town Hall
October 17th 2.00pm

Bring along your china and pictures for the experts to value and enjoy a talk and a cream tea.
Our day started at 9.00am on Nb Lord Toulouse setting off from Evesham heading Pershore way along the River Avon. We have two functions in Pershore over the weekend, so this is a good excuse to combine a river trip and civic duties . It was rather a grey, overcast day and not very photogenic. Coming back on Monday morning was quite different. See next posting.

PCT Antique01

Mayor of Pershore, Cllr Chris Parsons, opens the proceedings

PCT Antique12

The wonderful Henry Sandon MBE, talks about life and antiques. His wife Barbara, who is an expert herself, chips in with extra information.

PCT Antique05

Barbara, can be seen in the background, examining a ‘pot mark’, to find it’s age.

PCT Antique08

The charity event was very well attended by some of the ‘chain gang’ and local Pershore residents.

PCT Antique09

Of course, everyone who bought along items for valuation was hoping for Henry to confirm their item was worth millions. Alas, not today.
A very interesting and enjoyable afternoon.

Wendy and I ate at Whistlers in the evening and had a lovely meal with very good, attentive service. Back at the boat, moored on King Georges recreational ground, we slept soundly.


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