Droitwich Canal Walk

October 31st
Droitwich Junction Canal Walk

Some months ago, a chum of our’s who lives in Dorset, wanted to walk the Droitwich Canal. He thought it would be nice to meet up with some other chum’s from yorkshire and do just that. During the planning process Wendy and I received an invitation to attend a Halloween dinner in Stourport, so could not go on the walk. Later the dinner unfortunately had to be cancelled and so we could go after all. You following this at the back 🙂
Anyway, we met at the Eagle and Sun pub, Hanbury Wharf, on Saturday lunchtime and walked into Droitwich. A short rest and shopping trip to Waitrose for dog cleaning provisions ( don’t ask) and back again for a well earned pint. We then went by car to Stourport, where our chums have a house coincidentally, and overnighted there, returning to Evesham on Sunday morning . Smashing time had by all.


The Wych Barge, Vines Park, Droitwich. Half way!


On the return journey. The canal goes under the M5 at this point just to the left of the picture.


New locks, ready for boats.

Fortunately the rain stayed away. A very good walk. Next time we will have ago at the Severn River end, now nearing completion. Lets hope the whole canal length will be open soon.



One Response to “Droitwich Canal Walk”

  1. Peter Webb Says:

    My friend and I yesterday walked from Perdiswell w
    Worcs along the Severn River past Bevere Island to join the Droitwich Canal at Hawford. We the proceeded to walk the entire canal, stppping for a break at Salwarpe, then Vienes Park,before the final slog along the Saltway to finish at the junction with the Birmingham / Worcs canal ,where we had acarvery washed down with two pints of cider.
    Toatal walk approx 10 miles on the hottest day for years, but vert enjoyable.
    Peter G Webb

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