Evesham Sea Cadets Inspection Evening and Presentation of Awards

November 2nd 7.30pm
It is always a pleasure to present awards to our young people and this night was a particular pleasure because of the recipients. All young sea cadets, who have achieved great things in their young lives. I was taking part most of the evening, either inspecting the guard and cadets or presenting awards, so many of these pictures have been taken by Michelle Ludlow. Many thanks Michelle.


CPO Keith Field, who officiated for the night with Wendy and the excellent buffet, prepared and served by the cadets.


During the evening a number of team building games were played. Each cadet was given a secret animal name and the game involved getting all the animals in height order. Easy enough, until it was discovered that all were blindfold and the only way to identify each other, was by animal sound! Boys played girls and the girls won by a mile. Better luck next time chap’s.

All good fun, but what’s this? Oh, it’s going to be played again, and who this time? My chain is like a magnet for being included in all sorts!


those ‘volunteering’ were given their animal names


and with much animal noise from us and huge laughter from the audience, the game began


eventually we got  into an order of sorts

and then we had to prove the animals we were. Cllr John Smith OBE, who is Evesham Sea Cadet President, doing a very fine impression of a pig.

by far the best impression, me as a stallion!

I presented a large number of awards during the evening. This is Leading cadet, Josh Karlinski, collecting his Bronze and Silver Wings Aviation badges.

Brilliant night, well done to all award winners and thank you for a fun filled and enjoyable evening.



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