Roll of Honour – Pershore High School

Tuesday 10th November 10.10am
Pershore High School, Station Road, Pershore


Wendy and I arrived at the appointed hour and were met in the school car park by Jake, who escorted us to the library. Here, we were invited to partake in coffee and biscuits and meet with other invited guest’s, a number of whom we knew.


Civic dignitaries and members of Pershore British Legion and Royal Naval Association assemble for the service.


Headteacher Clive Corbett, opens the proceedings and explains that the service is one of remembrance for past students of Pershore High school, who gave their lives in defence of their country.


Past students of the school who gave their lives for their country in World War II and subsequent conflicts

 Clarence Sidney Attwood of Wyre Piddle
Private 14740757, 3rd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment
Died 30th November 1944, aged 19
Buried Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands

 Victor John Badger of Upton Snodsbury
Sergeant 1581501, 166 Squadron Royal Airforce Volunteer Reserve
Died 26th July 1944, aged 21
Buried Taingy Communal Cemetery, France

 Harvey Eric Ball
Sapper 1930196, Royal Engineers
Died 8th January 1941, aged 25
Buried Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery

 Lester Harrison Barnes of Pershore
Private 5253691, 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment
Died 29th May 1940, aged 21
Commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial, France

 Ronald Buckingham of Pershore
Lance Corporal 2616140, 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards
Died 28th May 1944, aged 23
Commemorated on the Cassino Memorial, Italy

 Alfred Charles Brown of Pershore
Sergeant/Flight Engineer 1578712, Royal Air Force Bomber Command
Died 25 February 1944, aged 21
Buried Pershore Cemetery

 Percival William Collett of Wadborough
Private 5125386, 2nd (Airbourne) Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment
Died 19th September 1944, aged 21
Buried Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands

Michael Durkin of Pershore
Served on HMS Cornwall, sunk in the Indian Ocean on 5th April 1942

 Donald Fryer of Lower Moor 

           Harvey Cyril Haines of Wyre Piddle
Private 5253721, 5th Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment
Died 18th August 1944, aged 25
Buried Bayeux War Cemetery, France

 George Cyril Ronald Ludlow of Pershore
Able Seaman P/JX327487, H.M.S. Puckeridge Royal Navy
Died 6th September 1943
Died at sea, commemorated on the Portsmouth Navel Memorial, UK

 Michael John George Morgan of Cropthorne
Lance Corporal 5252733, Worcestershire Regiment
Died 14th December 1941, aged 19
Buried Cropthorne (St Michael’s) Churchyard

 James Wilfred Payne of Lower Moor
Guardsman 2665854, 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards
Died 15th September 1944, aged 21
Buried Florence War Cemetery, Italy

 Ronald Pinchin of Wyre Piddle
Fusilier 14201669, 6th Battalion, Royal Inniskillin Fusiliers
Died 17th January 1943, aged 20
Buried Medjez-El-Bab Cemetery, Tunisia

 Arthur William Pring of Birlingham
Corporal 5248109, 1st Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment
Died 5th May 1941, aged 29
Commemorated on the Kharthoum Memorial, Sudan

 William Leonard Reeves of Pinvin
Private 5260277, 5th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters, Notts. & Derby Regiment
Died 10th September 1943, aged 21
Buried Cassino Memorial, Italy

 Kenneth Joseph Seabright of Bishampton

 Ronald Alfred Smith of Pinvin
Private 5350952, Pioneer Corps
Died 12th June 1943, aged 19
Buried St Nicholas Churchyard, Pinvin

 Peter G Stubbs of Pershore
Able Seaman D/JX184644
H.M.S. Exeter, Royal Navy
Died 16th July 1945, aged 20
Buried  Ambon War Cemetery, Indonesia

 Lionel Allen Westcott (Teacher) of Pinvin
Leading Aircraftman 545537, 115 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Died 12 April 1940, aged 21
Buried Stavanger (Eiganes) Churchyard, Norway

 Ronald William Wood of Pershore 
Lieutenant in the Parachute Regiment
Died 23 September 1944, aged 28
Buried Utrecht 156th Battalion (Soestbergen) Cemetery

 George Young of Pershore
Royal Navy
Died at sea 25th November 1941
Commemorated in Westminster and Pershore Abbey





One Response to “Roll of Honour – Pershore High School”

  1. Andrew D. Bird Says:

    Dear sir,

    As an aviation author, I am currently writing a book on RAF Coastal Command entitled “Coastal Dawn” which is going to cover the Phoney War, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain through to December 1940. The book is due to be published next August or September 2010 by Grub Street Publishing and will be sold worldwide. It covers the ‘Trade Protection’ Blenheim squadrons. Nos: 235, 236, 248 and 254 all four were detached around the country.

    Whilst writing up about operations during the Norwegian Campaign which 254 Sqn were heavily involved in I have come across one of Pershore High School fallen by chance I put his name into Google and came up with your blog:

    LAC Lional Allen Westcott was a crew member of Wellington KO-J (P9284) one of six tasked to attack Stavanger aerodrome. Stavanger aircraft had been straffing Allied troops and Naval ships engaged in trying to re-take Norway in 1940.

    Prior to the Wellington attack two Blenheim fighter Mk VI-Fs with a gun-pack of 0.303 m/g’s strafed the aerodrome from 254 Sqn. Thirty minutes later . . .

    In the wake of a barrage the Wellingtons roared over at low level dropping 500-lb bombs. Intense heavy and small arms fire was aimed at the Wellingtons who replied with machine gun fire, the bombers were led in again for a second time by Westcotts young New Zealand pilot, Pilot Officer D. Rankin. they machine gunned enemy aircraft, hanagers and stores. Condsiderable damage was inflicted on Stavanger aerodrome. By this time the German Luftwaffe had reached the scene from nearby airfields and attacked the Wellingtons as they turned for home. A fierce air-battle was waged and P9284 crashed with the loss of 9 lives near the target area. Most of the aircrew are buried in Stavanger (Eiganes) Church Yard.

    I shall be mentioning this operation within ‘Coastal Dawn’ and should you have a photograph I would be pleased to use it, likewise if you would like to know more please by all means contact me.

    Your Sincerely

    Andy Bird

    Author: A Separate Little War

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