Half Way

November 12th
Today is exactly the half way point and I thought I would put a few facts and figures on here after 6 months.

Lets start with this blog:-
Total hits up to last night are…..drumroll
Most in one day:- 108 – 2/11/2009
Total Posts:- 154
Total Pages 28
Number of Comments 26
Top Page Hits:-
1. About The Chairman – 85
2. Events and Functions – 78
3. November Winning Photograph – 76
4. The Monks Supper – 71
4. Pershore Plum Festival – 71
5. Droitwich Spa Lido Pool – 58
6. What A Great Way To Go To Work – 53
7. This Is My Life – 47
8. Media Day For New Evesham Leisure Centre – 43
9. Vale Magazine Photographic Competition October Entries – 41
9. The Wonders of Wychavon Photographic Competition – 41
10. Chairman’s Official photographs – 39

Number of Function/Meetings/Events attended – 152
Total Number of Images – 463

Today I was in a meeting this morning with Touch Radio, talking partnership promotion. Paperwork/blog update came next and catch up with my secretary. This all took place in the chairman’s office at the civic centre. This afternoon I chaired a sub committee meeting of Evesham town council promotions committee regarding a new town guide. After that, I went to Morrisons to do some shopping, I get all the good jobs 🙂 and return to type this paragraph of the post, started earlier (it’s now 5.56pm).
All in all Wendy and I, are very much enjoying our year and I hope you have enjoyed reading about it.





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