Business Link 'Profit From Retail' Workshop

November 18th 6.00pm
Evesham Town Hall

I was asked to open this meeting and welcome everybody to what was in effect a final event as a result of the Skillsmart survey earlier in the year and is reported elsewhere in this blog. I said :-

Good evening everyone,
My name is Andrew Dyke, I am Chairman of Wychavon District Council, and I am very pleased to welcome you all here tonight to what is a very blustery and rather miserable night. Hopefully the various people here can put a few smiles on your faces.
I am very pleased to see that the general economy seems to be looking up and Evesham in particular, is seeing some of the famous green shoots of economic recovery. On the retail front and that effects most people in this room, new stores are opening tomorrow and I am very confident that more will follow. Success breeds success.
Behind the scenes there have been a number of organisations that have been doing fantastic work to help facilitate, new stores and indeed new businesses. Wychavon District Council have been heavily involved in setting up new groups like the Evesham Promotion Group, which in turn has brought together representatives from Evesham Town Council, the Market Town partnership and VECTA. This has brought about ideas and out of that came backing for things like the business brochure and the very recently launched, ecommerce initiative, for helping retailers through the minefield of selling online. This service and website hosting, is free, for the first 100 retailers and is funded by The Market Town Partnership and VECTA.
Of course most of you here tonight will know of the Skillsmart survey and Business link’s drive for greater excellence in our retail offering. It was a brilliant exercise, again free to all who participated, and I know has been very beneficial.
We all need help from time to time. I know from my own time in retail, the changes and the challenges never stop. We need more sales, from increased footfall and new additions and adaption’s to our business promotions.
Tonight is about advancing our businesses through net working and helping each other achieve greater opportunity.
Please use the expertise that is in the room tonight and may I wish you all a very happy and profitable Christmas and continued prosperity in 2010. Thank you.


A very interesting presentation from Paul Ford helped make this a very enjoyable and informative evening.



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