Evesham Town Fun Ice Rink

December 4/5/6th
Evesham Market Square

Nothing actually to do with my Chairmanship of WDC but an important occasion during my year.
I am a member of Evesham Town Council, and I chair the promotions committee. An idea was put forward by Wendy, who is also a town councillor, to make available an Ice Rink to attract people to Evesham shops and have a fun time as well. Councillor Martin Hammon, picked up the challenge and after a huge amount of hard work, the ice rink arrived.

Evesham Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Booth, officially opens the rink. Sharing the honours are the first three skaters, L-R Jane, Anya and Lauren Davis

Ice rink nerve centre, where money and skates changed hands

Ice rink supremo Cllr Martin Hammon

Skaters on the rink while shops enjoy the market and kiddy rides in the square

and still they came, even as the light failed and the Christmas lights illuminated the rink

Past town councillor Becky Whiting show how it should be done.

The weekend was a magnificent success. Well done to Martin Hammon and all the volunteers who gave up their time over the weekend to take the money and help out in various ways. We will definitely be doing it again next year. There is now talk of a roller rink in the summer. Watch this space!


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