Ombersley Memorial Hall Opening New Kitchen

January 26th 7.30pm
Ombersley Memorial Hall, Ombersley, WR9 0DT

Tonight, was one of those evenings which really shows what can be done, by local people with a passion. The Memorial Hall has recently undergone some work, supported by Wychavon District Council, among others and is a great success for the community. I had the pleasure of attending to formally open the kitchen, named after one of the most visible campaigners the hall has had over many years, Doreen Turner.
I said:-

Good Evening everyone,
First of all thank you for the invitation tonight and it is a particular pleasure for Wendy and me to be here. Originally tonight I was intending to chair a special council meeting to discuss the WETT proposal, which is not at all what it sounds like and I wont bore you with details of the 300 page report. I am however extremely pleased that I managed to postpone the meeting which meant that Wendy and I could both be here.

Village halls are very often vital to village life and this is certainly the case here. Dating back to an initial idea in 1919 and opened in 1923, the hall has certainly seen some changes over the last 87 years and I am sure it will see many more before the centenary celebrations in 13 years time. What is lovely for me on these occasions, is to see real people, doing real and meaningful things, for the benefit of the community. I am of course delighted that Wychavon District Council along with Ombersley Parish Council, Ombersley Conservation Trust, Richardson Brothers Foundation, and  many other organisations and individuals have all contributed to the magnificent sum of £75000 to pay for the extension and kitchen facilities. It is also clear that a number of very dedicated people, from the trustees and management committee are due a vote of thanks for all the work they put in to make sure the hall remains in good condition. If only we had such people in every village.

So, Mr President, may I on behalf of Wychavon District Council, Congratulate all who have contributed to the kitchen. I hope many a fine meal is produced here and the Ombersley Memorial Hall, continues to provide pleasure to all who pass through it’s doors, for many years to come. It now gives me great pleasure to officially declare to kitchen open.

Just after the cord pulling

Just some of the many, many people who use and maintain this wonderful  hall. Just visible on the left-hand side, can be seen the fabulous selection of canapes, all provided by the members, all from local producers and all very tasty.

In the kitchen
L-R  Arthur Turner, President of Ombersley Village Hall committee – Lord Sandys – Cllr Andrew Dyke, Chairman of Wychavon District Council – Geoff Holder,   Secretary of Ombersley Village Hall Committee – Robert Ransome,  Chairman of Ombersley Village Hall Committee – Mrs Wendy Dyke, Consort to The Chairman of Wychavon District Council – Bill Arnold, Vice Chairman of Ombersley Village Hall Committee and Lady Sandys
Wendy and I really enjoy these community occasions. Thank you so much for the invitation and your generous hospitality.
All photographs by kind permission of Angela Lloyd-James



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