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Mayor of Tewkesbury Town – Civic Service

February 28, 2010

February 28th 3.00pm
Holy Trinity Church, Oldbury Street, Tewkesbury

We met at the town hall and processed to Holy Trinity Church

The seating had been repositioned in the church and the use of projectors were in evidence.

No need for hymn books when the words can be projected onto the wall.
A very enjoyable service, bringing together all sections of the community in a very packed church. Afterwards the adjoining hall was the venue for afternoon tea, sandwiches and cakes, provided by local people.
Many thanks for a lovely afternoon.


Meeting With Peter Luff MP

February 26, 2010

February 26th 10.00am
Members Room, Civic Centre, Pershore

In Wychavon we have 3 MP’s covering the district. Sir Michael Spicer MP, ( West Worcestershire) Peter Luff MP ( Mid Worcestershire ) and Jacqui Smith MP ( Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham and Cookhill ) The council, individual officers and members, keep in close touch with their MP’s. Ongoing discussions involving the district often include our MP’s, they have vital and sometimes a unique contribution to make. Each year around this time, a formal catch up meeting is held, with all members of the senior management team, executive board, chairman and vice chairman. Peter covers a larger area of Wychavon than the other two MP’s so the agenda is somewhat longer.


Welcome by Chairman of Wychavon, Councillor Andrew Dyke

 Public Spending Plans

 WETT Update

 Flood Alleviation Schemes

 Fees for Local Land Charges Searches

 Gypsies and Travellers

 Standards Board for England

 Brine Baths

 Hartlebury Castle

 Droitwich Canals

 Community Hospitals

 Migrant Workers

 Wind Farm

 Core Strategy and implications post Election


 Revenues and Benefits Admin Subsidy Grant


 Evesham Bridge

 EFW Plant – Hartlebury


Click here:- Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP
Click here:- Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP


February 23, 2010

February 23rd 10.00am
Evesham Leisure Centre, Abbey Road, Evesham

Following on from Wychavon Design Awards, the Evesham Observer wanted a picture for his weeks paper taken with the winner’s outside the building. I and they, were happy to oblige

Picture taken by Evesham Observer photographer, Lucy Ford
L-R Stuart Megarry, Chairman of Wychavon Leisure, Kay McBride, centre Manager, yours truly, Lee Oliver Duty Manager, and Peter Head WDC’s project manager.

Girlguiding UK – Celebrating 100 Years of Guiding

February 21, 2010

February 21st 1.15pm
Worcester Cathedral, Worcester

The service, entitled ‘Centenary Thinking Day’ was very well supported from Guiding, Brownie and Rainbow groups from all over Worcestershire.

College Green, opposite the cathedral

The magnificent Cathedral structure

Worcester Cathedral North Door entrance

A guiding group sang to the arriving invited audience

This picture was taken before the service started. Unfortunately, Wendy and I and other civic dignities, apart from Worcester City Mayor and Chairman of Worcestershire County Council, were seated to the side of the Cathedral, so our view was restricted.

After the service, a very welcome cup of coffee and a slice of cake was provided and this young lady was presented with her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.
A lovely service, we were very pleased to be a part of it.

Ward Walk – Chawson Estate, Droitwich

February 17, 2010

February 17th 12 noon
Meeting at Church car Park, Blake Avenue, Droitwich

During my year as chairman I want to visit every ward in the district. Councillor Wendy Carter arranged this visit. Wendy, along with Cllr Mrs Stephanie Vale,  is the member for Droitwich Spa South West.
Each year and sometimes more often, a walkabout is arranged to pick up on issues within the ward. Representatives from all local councils, the housing association, contractors and other interested parties attend the walkabout.

It was about as bad a day as it could be. Very cold and wet

The discussion here related to vehicles travelling round the bollards and turning the grass to mud.

As if by magic, one of the culprits arrives.

The highlighted problem here, is the tree in the background. It has overgrown to such an extent as to be blocking the light from the street lamp. It is also covering the sensor, which means the light is on all the time, wasting money and energy.

Cllr Wendy Carter with town councillor Edgar Harwood

The problem here is parking on the grass verge.

Flytipping, dog poo and litter are a constant battle. Generally, the estate is well looked after. The problems highlighted by todays walk will be looked into and work to fix the issue put into the schedule.
I enjoyed the walk very much, even though it was extremely cold. We then had a tour of the rest of the ward by car, ending up at St Andrews Hotel for a light bar lunch. An excellent ward visit. I learnt a lot. Thank you.

Council Business Lunch – Evesham

February 15, 2010

February 15th 12 noon
Evesham Hotel, Coopers Lane, Evesham

For some years now, Wychavon District Council Chairmen have hosted a lunch for local authority Mayor’s, Chairmen and senior members of the council. The idea being to get partner parties in one room and talk about how we can all help each other in the future.

Wychavon have traditionally been excellent at partnering with other councils and organisations, indeed we have won awards for it.

This year we decided to try and arrange meetings that have a more focused business appeal and put together an informal buffet lunch, attended by senior members of the council, local business leaders, a representative from the town council and those interested in promoting the towns and Wychavon district. There will be no formal agenda, we want to link better with organisation’s and acquaint us with how we can improve communication. We are also interested to hear any ideas you may have to improve any aspect of life or work in the district.

 Evesham Hotel website

Quality rather than quantity, for this first meeting. It was however an interesting excercise and one we can build on for the future. The next meeting is in Pershore on March 15th
Click Here:- Pershore Business Lunch
Click here:- Droitwich Business Lunch


Chairman’s Charity Fundraiser – Valentine Dinner Party

February 14, 2010

February 14th 7.30pm
 Raphaels Restaurant, Boat Lane, Evesham
Raphaels Restaurant website

A brilliant night, which raised over £300 for my supported charities. Many thanks to Diana, Robbie and John Raphael,without their hard work the evening would not have taken place.

Some of the raffle prizes

John Raphael, that’s him with the mic, gets the evening off to a flying start by asking everyone to find their partner. Under each side plate is a name, mine was Sampson and I had to find my Delila, from somewhere in the room. It turned out to be the Mayor of Bewdley! Anyway, first 3 couples to get to John win money, that’s Hampton Ferry money and the more money each table amasses, the more they bid for prizes in the auction at the end of the evening.

and these are the auction prizes.

As the night progresses, more quiz questions to tax the tables brains. “It’s, whatsit, you know, 1947″. No, no 1948, and so on. All great fun.

In between the fun and games we enjoyed fine food, lovingly prepared in the Raphael kitchen.

At the end of the evening, tables count up their winnings and bid for the prizes. Sammy Spencer does the honour here.

Thanks to everybody who came, It was a smashing night and one for your diary next year.

Laying up of the Burma Star Standard

February 14, 2010

February 14th 10.00am
All Saints Church, Evesham

The ceremony today, part of the usual Holy Communion service, marked the laying down of the standard of the Evesham arm of a group which has marked the efforts of Second World War veterans in the Far East for the past 50 years, as it is about to close.

Chairman Maurice Andrews said that since its formation in May 1960, the branch had 60 medal holders as members but membership now was down to just 17 from Evesham, Pershore, Stratford and Stow.

“The decision to close down the branch has been difficult to arrive at but for reasons of age, disability and other health reasons the few remaining members find it difficult to attend branch functions and to take on the responsibility of running the branch,” he said.

The final service was conducted by the Rev Andrew Spurr and John Turner, branch padre

 All Saints Church on a bright, crisp morning

At the conclusion of the address, the congregation stand while the Standard Party moves from the rear of the church to the platform step where the Rev Andrew Spurr and Chairman of the branch, Maurice Andrews MBE wait.

The standard is lowered, the last post sounded and one minutes silence observed.
The branch chairman, Maurice Andrews then recited the Kohima Epitaph
“When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”

Reveille was sounded as the standard is raised once more.

The chairman then received the standard from the standard bearer, Ron Walker

and turned to face the Rev Andrew Spurr

The following then took place

Rev Andrew Spurr
“It is an ancient and laudable custom to lay up in the house of God the emblem of duty and service, there to remain for all time as a reminder of a duty well done and of the strength that God supplies”.

Branch Chairman Maurice Andrews
“Reverend Sir, I ask you to receive the standard of the Evesham and District Branch of the Burma Star association for safe lodging in this house of God until such time as it will pass to dust like those whose courage and devotion are enshrined in history”.

Rev Andrew Spurr replies
“We receive this standard into safe keeping at God’s house, here to hang for all time as a reminder to those who pass by of everyone’s duty to God, to the sovereign and nation”.

Rev Andrew Spurr then placed the standard on the high Alter and said this prayer
“Almighty God and Lord of hosts, we now lay up this emblem of courage and steadfastness. May all who look upon it be reminded of their duty to God the Queen and the nation, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen

The congregation remained standing for the Nicene creed as the service continued.

Wendy and I were very pleased to be invited to represent Wychavon at this important ceremony.

Kidderminster Valentines Charity Ball

February 12, 2010

February 12th  6.45pm, Dinner 7.30pm
Kidderminster Town Hall

Tonight we came to Kidderminster but we could also have gone to Tewkesbury, for the Mayor of Tewkesbury Borough charity ball. It is with much regret that functions clash as we would dearly have liked to attend both.

The town hall from the balcony. Dinner was excellent and supplied by a local catering company.

This is a wonderful facility and really lends itself to functions of this type.

Mayor of Kidderminster Cllr Howard Martin

Local town and county councillor, all round good egg and snappy dresser, Cllr Marcus Hart did a fabulous job as an auctioneer, raising £670 for the Mayor’s charity appeal.

The brilliant band ‘TOMTHEFROP’ sang hits old and new.

Chairman of Wyre Forest District Council Cllr Mike Salter and I discuss in depth, council finances and the cost of beer 🙂

The evening was very well supported, with some 110 attending. A high percentage of our chain gang supported the Mayor and consort. Above is Cllr Don Lawley, Cllr Mrs Maureen Lawley, Mayor of Droitwich chatting to Chairman and consort of Bromsgrove, Cllr and Mrs Chris Scurrell.

A super night, many thanks.
Wonder if Tewkesbury was as good as this?

Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP

February 12, 2010

February 12th 11.30am
Members Room, Civic Centre, Pershore

In Wychavon we have 3 MP’s covering the district. Sir Michael Spicer MP, ( West Worcestershire) Peter Luff MP ( Mid Worcestershire ) and Jacqui Smith MP ( Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham and Cookhill ) The council, individual officers and members, keep in close touch with their MP’s. Ongoing discussions involving the district often include our MP’s, they have vital and sometimes a unique contribution to make. Each year around this time, a formal catch up meeting is held, with all members of the senior management team, executive board, chairman and vice chairman.

Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP


  1. Welcome by Chairman of Wychavon, Councillor Andrew Dyke
  2. Future Public Spending Plans – Impact on Local Government
  3. WETT Update
  4. Regional Arrangements
  5. Migrant Workers
  6. Flood Alleviation Schemes
  7. Admin Subsidy Grant (Revenues & Benefits)
  8. Community Hospitals
  9. Concessionary Fares
  10. Planning Matters
  11. AOB

The meeting was very productive and lasted about an hour and a half.

Click here:- Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP
Click here:- Meeting with Peter Luff MP