Allowances and Expenditure Publication Working Group

February 3rd 10.00am
Chairman’s Office, Civic Centre, Pershore

Over the past few years, elected members, be they from national or local government have come under intense public interest and scrutiny. WDC already publishes, in the press and on it’s website details of all councillor expenses. I have been charged by council to look at what we do, how we do it, what we make public and how we as a council can be more transparent.  Today was our first meeting, the next is on March 8th, when I will have more to report. In the meantime, you can view allowances here:-
Councillor Allowances
You can view the chairman’s allowances here
Chairman’s Allowances



2 Responses to “Allowances and Expenditure Publication Working Group”

  1. Gerry O'Donnell Says:

    I cannot believe that the Architects of the new Evesham Liesure centre won an award for their design ! Internally, it is functional, as one would expect,…but externally ?? It is a blot on the landscape !

    Can only think there wasn’t much competition on the night.

    • Andrew Dyke Says:

      Not to everyone’s taste perhaps, but ‘blot’ definitely not. The building was nominated in the first instance and then a committee of planners, civic societies, members of the Development Control Committee and MADE, the regional architecture centre all gave their views on the buildings put forward. You might be interested to know WDC have had a number of approaches from other councils, re copying the design and layout.

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