Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP

February 5th 3.00pm
Members Meeting Room, Civic Centre, Pershore

In Wychavon we have 3 MP’s covering the district. Sir Michael Spicer MP, ( West Worcestershire) Peter Luff MP ( Mid Worcestershire ) and Jackie Smith MP ( Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham and Cookhill ) The council, individual officers and members, keep in close touch with their MP’s. Ongoing discussions involving the district often include our MP’s, they have vital and sometimes a unique contribution to make. Each year around this time, a formal catch up meeting is held, with all members of the senior management team, executive board, chairman and vice chairman.

This year was rather special, in as much as, this will be Sir Michael’s last formal annual meeting visit to Wychavon. He retires at the next election which will be in the next couple of months or so. We thought it in order to present Sir Michael with a small token of our appreciation, for all his efforts  over the last 36 years.

Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP

Welcome by Chairman of Wychavon, Councillor Andrew Dyke

  1. Future public spending plans – impact on local government
  2. Regional arrangements post election
  3. Admin Subsidy Grant (Revenues & Benefits)
  4. Concessionary Fares
  5. Community hospitals
  6. “WETT” Update
  7. Flood Alleviation schemes
  8. AOB

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Click here:- Meeting with Peter Luff MP


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