Evesham Town Council Meeting and Mayoral Elections

February 8th 6.30pm
Evesham Town Hall, Market Square, Evesham

Wendy and I are Evesham Town Councillors as well as district councillors. Twice a month, on a Monday, we are called to council meetings. A full council meeting is needed to ratify decisions taken by specific committee meetings Promotion, Property and personnel. The latter two, meet as required, Promotion, which I chair meet, every six weeks. The meeting also makes decisions on planning and matters of the day. All meetings are public, so come along.

The town Mayor, Cllr Alan Booth, chairs full council. To his left is Deputy Mayor Jim Bulman, to his right, town clerk Frank Green. The meeting takes place in the historic Town Hall council chamber.
See more at Evesham Town Council Website

Councillors make their deliberations surrounded by the Mayoral boards that date back to 1604

Once a year, immediately after the  February full council meeting, councillors decide who will be nominated at annual council (this year May 10th) to be Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the next municipal year. It is done now, in private, to save embarrassing those not elected, and to speed up the formal meeting in May.  As a matter of history, the incumbant Mayor is asked if they would like to  continue for a further year, if the offer is declined, nominations are sought. A vote is held if more than one person are proposed, unusually this was the case this year.


Winner of the election for Mayor 2010/11 is Deputy Mayor Cllr Jim Bulman

Winner of the election for deputy Mayor 2010/11 is 
Cllr Gerry O’Donnell


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