Council Business Lunch – Evesham

February 15th 12 noon
Evesham Hotel, Coopers Lane, Evesham

For some years now, Wychavon District Council Chairmen have hosted a lunch for local authority Mayor’s, Chairmen and senior members of the council. The idea being to get partner parties in one room and talk about how we can all help each other in the future.

Wychavon have traditionally been excellent at partnering with other councils and organisations, indeed we have won awards for it.

This year we decided to try and arrange meetings that have a more focused business appeal and put together an informal buffet lunch, attended by senior members of the council, local business leaders, a representative from the town council and those interested in promoting the towns and Wychavon district. There will be no formal agenda, we want to link better with organisation’s and acquaint us with how we can improve communication. We are also interested to hear any ideas you may have to improve any aspect of life or work in the district.

 Evesham Hotel website

Quality rather than quantity, for this first meeting. It was however an interesting excercise and one we can build on for the future. The next meeting is in Pershore on March 15th
Click Here:- Pershore Business Lunch
Click here:- Droitwich Business Lunch



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  1. Council Business Lunch « Chairman of Wychavon Blog Says:

    […] The second of our business lunches was held in Pershore. Attendance was up, compared to Evesham on February 15th and I think everyone involved enjoyed the occasion and found the experience worthwhile. Evesham Business Lunch […]

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