Worcestershire Arts Education – Pop Icons

Tuesday March 9th 7.30pm
Swan Theatre, Worcester

The concert, organised as part of the Voices and Visions 2010 events. Picture taking was somewhat limited but the below gives an idea of what took place. The concert featured 24 artists from schools all over Worcestershire and even the stage crew were students.
For winners see below.

The shows compare Andrew Easton from BBC Hereford and Worcester

Amy Weir from Droitwich High School, sang ‘Ave Maria’

Rebecca Dawn, from Chase High School, put great energy into ‘This is Me’

Although this was a competition, it was also a very professionally put together show. It was pleasure to watch and I am very glad it was not me deciding on the winners.

Categories winners were:-
Best Male – Jack Montgomery
Best Female- Laura Woodall
Best Ensemble – Emma Shepherd, Grace Kemp and Laura Thomas
Best Under 14 – Alice Wilson
Best Newcomer – Polly Edwards


2 Responses to “Worcestershire Arts Education – Pop Icons”

  1. Mrs Diana Smith Says:

    Thank you for choosing to put Rebecca’s picture & comment on your page. She was extremely nervous at her first performance at this standard but really enjoyed the experience. We had a great evening, wishing all the acts to do well and enjoyed the professional presentation. (Becky’s Mum)

  2. Andrew Dyke Says:

    You are very welcome. I wish I was able to take more pictures of the excellent performers but as you know, those in the audience were restricted. Not quite sure why? Having said that my camera does not perform well in low light. Anyway it was a great show and congratulations to all who took part.

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