Lambing Day Live

Sunday 11th April, 12.00 Noon
Overbury Farm

This visit came about as a result of my desire to visit all Wychavon wards during my year of office. Overbury Estate and farm are part of Cllr Adrian Darby’s ward, South Bredon Hill.

Meeting place and tour start destination, Overbury Village Hall

Inside the splendid village hall, tea, coffee and home made cakes were being served.

Also in the hall were various stalls, including one demonstrating the art of wool spinning.

This is Suzanne Marler, who lives locally and strives to be as self sufficient as possible.

Once refreshed we joined the next trailer for the short trip to the farm.

Overbury is a gorgeous, really English village. Well looked after and full of very fine period properties. There is even a little stream that runs through the middle.

At the farm, every care is taken against disease. There were antiseptic wipes for our hands as well.

Farm manager Jake Freestone, greeted us and gave a very informative talk about the farm, what we will see and gave us directions.
You can catch up with farm news at Jakes Blog

First on the tour route is the gory bit,

with lots of dead animals and birds displayed. Well, I found it a bit gory, this young lad seemed to be enjoying this section. Then young lads do, don’t they! Must admit it was very interesting.

Then into the large barn, and the reason we came…….the new born lambs…….Ahhhh

Having completed the tour, an ice cream was very welcome, as was the sit down in the glorious sunshine with the family in the village hall grounds.

A lovely day, thank you very much for the invitation.


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