Droitwich South East – Ward Awareness Visit

Monday April 12th 1.00pm
Meet at Spring Meadow Public House, Primsland Way, Droitwich

Organised by Cllr Richard Morris, this visit involved a complete tour of the ward. Being mostly residential, there was not an oppertunity to visit a school or club or organisation because there are none on the ward. So Richard decided to give us a guided tour and show us some of the issues that concern his constituents.

Droitwich South East Ward
Ward awareness session with the Chairman of Wychavon DC Cllr Andy Dyke and consort Cllr Mrs Wendy Dyke.
1-3.30pm 12th April 2010
Meet @ 1pm at the Spring Meadow public house, Primsland Way
Drink and overview of session – Leave car in car park
Walk to Primsland shops and doorstep Green
Drive to Gorse Close and Water Tower
Drive to Swallow Place – fields to be built on
Drive to Hawthorn walk – Open land and bollards
Drive to Alder Grove junction and walk through to Rebekah Gardens
Drive to Rebekah Gardens – retaining wall & fields
Afternoon cuppa at ‘Chez Morris’.
Return to car via
Copcut Park, Medals office

Her are some photographs of the ward

The Spring Meadow, one of one two pubs in the ward.

Richard with Wendy.

Gorse Close and the water tower

Here, Richard is pointing out the huge areas in his ward that could be affected by SWJCS housing plans.

Rebekah Gardens and the retaining wall.

The view looking over Droitwich from the top.

Copcut Park. Although pat of the ward, the land here is owned by Droitwich Town Council. To the left of here and over the road, is a large lake. Richard wants it dredged and cleared of rubbish as it is a bit of an eyesore and health hazard. Good luck Richard.

Another part of Copcut Park and Richard sits on the bench he raised the money to buy and install.
The afternoon concluded with a cup of tea at Richards house, before he returned us to our car. A really useful, entertaining and informative visit. Thank you Richard.


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