Council Business Lunch – Droitwich Spa

Thursday April 15th – 12 noon
St Andrews Hotel, St Andrews Drive, Droitwich

This lunch follows on from ones held in Evesham and Pershore. The idea being to encourage greater dialogue between council and businesses in and around our major town’s. It also introduces business to other companies and possible venues for meetings and gatherings.

At the start of the meeting I said a few words and laid out the structure for the lunch.

Thank you all for coming.

  1. Clearly a strong local economy helps us all and we have an extremely competent team at WDC to help and advise companies. 
  2. WDC are good at talking to residents and we would like to expand our communication with local companies.
  3. This lunch is informal, no minutes, opportunity to hear first hand how we can help each other. Talk to other business as well as WDC.
  4. We can’t to do every thing…Let shops…business rates…hardship issues.
  5. Business is a moving beast and we are in difficult times so we should be able to be available to help each other.
  6. A few ideas for discussion on the tables. We want to hear from you.
  7. Business pressures please, no agenda, no timescale, if you need to leave that’s fine.
    Thank you

Some of the suggested topics were:-
How do the following effect you from a business perspective
Brine Experience
Business Support
Transport Links
Droitwich canal
Internet connection / New technology
Working Together
Media Campaign for Droitwich?
Bring together business Clubs
Employment in Droitwich
How is the council doing?

 I was pleased with the lunch. Much discussion took place and our officers and my fellow councillors got some good feedback.
Pershore Business Lunch – Click here
Evesham Business Lunch – Click here


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