British Asparagus Festival Run

April 23rd 8.00am
The Bell Tower, Abbey Park, Evesham

This is the third year the asparagus run has taken place. The first year a round was carried to the houses of Parliament, last year, the Mayor of Evesham took one to Stratford and this year, the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire, Mr Michael Brinton took one, in a Morgan car, all the way to Brighton. Why Brighton? I hear you cry. Well, WDC won a regional heat in the enjoy England, ‘Where else but  England awards’ for the most eccentric and unique experience in the UK. The final was being held in Brighton on the day of our run. All tied in nicely really. The winner is….Click Here  Much more happens on the day, as the following pictures reflect.

A beautiful morning in Evesham

The town crier, John Raphael, brought everyone to order.

Picture Stuart Purfield

Trevor Harrison ( Eddy Grundy in the Archers radio soap ) starts off the speeches.

Picture Stuart Purfield

It was my pleasure to formally open the festival and I said:-

Welcome everyone – especially the Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire, Mr Michael Brinton and his wife Angela Also to the Mayor of Evesham – Cllr Alan Booth and the Mayor and Mayoress of Pershore – Cllr Chris Parsons and his wife Jan
St Georges Day is officially the start of the growing season for English Asparagus  and it also marks the start of the two month long British Asparagus Festival in the Vale of Evesham. A title we are very proud of.
We are here today to celebrate these events by hosting this, the third Great English Asparagus Run which this year is destined for Brighton where the Lord Lieutenant has kindly agreed to present the 100 round of fine Vale Asparagus to Lady Penelope Cobham – Chair of Visit England, prior to tonight’s England for Excellence Award Ceremony where Redstar Growers and the Western Asparagus Growers Ltd have donated asparagus for the evenings menu. Many thanks to them for that. I know the Mayor is going to thank a number of people connected with todays event, But may I on behalf of Wychavon and Evesham in particular, thank Angela Tidmarsh , Wychavon District Councils Tourism Officer for all the work she and her team have done, and continue to do, to put Asparagus and Evesham very firmly on the map.
The reputation of the Great English Asparagus run is spreading and as it grows in popularity it has become a major event in the Countys’ calendar.  It attracts major media interest, which underpins the areas’ vibrant tourism economy. This year we have had a record number of enquiries from families wishing to visit the beautiful Vale of Evesham. Of course the benefit to the local economy is vital and long may events such as this continue in Wychavon.
One of our main objectives for this years Festival is to launch a campaign to make asparagus the official food for St Georges Day – to be as much a part of the celebrations as Guinness is, on St Patricks Day.  So, please get behind this campaign, and maybe one day we will all be wearing Asparabutton holes, on St Georges Day, and events such my own Celebration Dinner at the Town Hall tonight, where we will all be eating local asparagus, will become the norm for the whole Country!
Thank you and now may I introduce the Mayor of Evesham – Cllr Alan Booth


‘GUS’ was there

Mr Michael Brinton, Wendy and myself

Jugglers and fire eaters performed

players played

Morris’s, morrised!

 Then it was Morgan engine start and off

to Brighton.

Picture Angela Tidmarsh

The handover to Vicountess Cobham
A wonderful event, well organised, with lots of publicity for Evesham. Well done Angela.


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