End of Term Doo – 'The Other One'

Sunday May 9th 6.00pm
Raphaels Restaurant, Hampton Ferry, Evesham

Diana Raphael asked me if she could host a party, for those people that have made this year special, and to celebrate my end of year. This included most of our chain gang, officers from WDC, winners of the Wonders of Wychavon Competition, and our family. Wendy and I were very happy to accept.
Pictures tell a story, so look below. 
The evening started with a boat trip, generously donated by
Avon Leisure Cruises

On the bow 

James, my son the elder

Passing our narrowboat, Lord Toulouse

Our guest’s on the port side

and on the starboard side

Having turned at Evesham Lock, we head back to Raphaels Restaurant.

Dave Smith (left) owner of Avon Leisure Cruises and skipper of the Spirit of Freedom on Avon, give the Mayor of Redditch a lesson in boat handling.

Enjoying the evening were winners of the Wonder of Wychavon photographic competition, Andrew Sully on my left and Nick Cosnett.
Picture courtesy of The Vale Magazine.

After a wonderful, if a little cool, river trip, supper is waiting. What a spread.

Some of the chain gang

and some more

John Raphael provided some sparking entertainment

and the Mayor of Redditch, Cllr Malcolm Hall, provided some more.

After a fabulous meal, fireworks, donated by Celebration Fireworks

A brilliant display brought the evening to an end. It was a wonderful night and a very fitting end to our year. To be surrounded by those who have contributed most was just great. Many thanks to Diana, John and Robbie Raphael, to Rob Lewis of Celebration Fireworks and Dave Smith and Geraldine Cooper from Avon Leisure Cruises for everything.
Thanks to Chris Scurrell for some of the above pictures


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