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New Chairman Elected 11/5/2010

May 11, 2010

Tuesday 11th  May 2010
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Pershore

Cllr. Andy Dyke – outgoing Chairman with Cllr. Linda Robinson – incoming Chairman.
Cllr Linda Robinson was elected as Chairman of Wychavon District Council for 2010/2011 with her husband Mr Maurice Robinson supporting her as Consort.
The Chairman’s charities this year will be Riding for the Disabled, Worcestershire Federation of Young Farmers and Kington and Dormston Seniors Club.
Outgoing Chairman Cllr. Andrew Dyke said “It is with great sadness that Wendy and I hand in the Chairman’s chain and that my year in office has come to an end, but I wish Linda all the best with her coming year. I hope she enjoys it as much as I have.”
Cllr Linda Robinson, Chairman of Wychavon said “As the member for Upton Snodsbury I feel I will bring a new rural aspect to the role of Chairman and I will be honoured to serve and work hard in this capacity. I’m very much looking forward to representing the council as Chairman and look forward to doing much work for my chosen charities.”
Vice Chairman for this year is Cllr Tony Miller. Cllr. Linda Robinson will be keeping the Chairman’s blog running which has been so popular in the past year.


Annual Council – The End!

May 11, 2010

May 11th 6.15pm
Civic Centre, Pershore

So here we are then. The final, final event. Although it’s not an event or function as such. This is annual council where the chairman gets his marching orders and a new one voted in. Usually I would spend the day preparing for the meeting, however once I have taken the vote, if one is needed, for the new chairman, I go to my seat on the back benches. So, not much preparation for me to do. We do have a rehearsal for this meeting only and a briefing. The briefing takes place before every meeting and is vital for the smooth running of the meeting. Anyway, here is what I said at tonight’s meeting. 

Good Evening, You will recall at our last meeting I announced Caroline would be unable to be with us tonight. We are however indebted to the Reverend Brian Holliday, who will lead us in prayer tonight.
In the last couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of opening the Leisure centre in Evesham, we had a very successful Chairman’s golf day, raising almost £750 for my supported charities, we spent a lovely few hours at St Richards Day in Droitwich, I was presented with a letter of appreciation and friendship from the people of Uzda in Belarus, we have had 2 excellent leaving doo’s, we attended Evesham Mayormaking last night and only this morning Wendy and I had a very interesting visit to Cllr Rob Adams ward.
I know it’s a cliché but I really do not understand how the last 12 months have flown by. I made a fairly detailed appraisal of my chairman’s year at the end of term doo last Friday and do not intend to repeat all of it, it is on the blog if you really want to read it, however I would briefly like to refer to my remarks and aspirations last year at this time. Last year I said my theme for the year would be business. I think I can say the lunches were successful and I have helped in a small way to promote Wychavon as an area where businesses can come and thrive, due to our geographical location, excellent transport, workforce  and technology links. I would like to thank Chris Brooks and his team for all their help with putting the Business Lunches together. I also said I wanted to highlight community involvement and political inclusion. Wendy and I have without doubt given greater publicity to many, many community projects and every one have given us enormous pleasure. The political inclusion thought, is still in it’s early stages locally but seems to have been taken literally by the whole country. Time will tell how that will work out. Perhaps we should change our constitution, so that the chairman can resign, but still stay on.
With regret my ward visits did not reach 100%, missing by 3.
Fundraising for my supported charities was much better than expected and we raised a total of £7600. I have been truly amazed by the generosity of companies and individuals, who gave prizes, donations and time. There are far too many to go into tonight but I do thank them all very much. 
We have had some sad occasions, and on your behalf I attended the funerals of 2 serving councillors during my year, Cllr Graham Gopsill and Cllr Ron Cartwright.
And now to a few thank you’s. Karen Peters and Mandy Ladds have been absolutely brilliant in making sure Wendy and I have been fully briefed and in the right place at the right time. Geoff Carpenter, who organised the chairman’s golf day so expertly. The girls in the graphics team who have done some brilliant designs for our functions and the print room for getting it all done on time. There are a number of officers, at all levels, that have helped along the way and I hope you will all accept a combined thank you. Wendy and I really do appreciate all the assistance, we have been given.
You will see from your agenda that this year I am making a specific presentation to my consort Cllr Mrs Wendy Dyke. I wanted this year to officially record my, and the councils appreciation, for everything Wendy has done, this last 12 months. Those of you who have been Chairman will know, that the role is a partnership, it’s teamwork and it is important that chairman and consort attend functions together, to be supportive together, and afterwards to analyse, to see how we can be more effective and how we can learn for other’s efforts. Of course all this is made much easier when you sleep with the person involved. So I am delighted this year to present a brooch, from the council, to my consort Cllr Mrs Wendy Dyke.
In conclusion, thank you for the opportunity, thank you for putting your trust in Wendy and me. We really have had a most memorable and unique experience.
And finally, the blog, It’s been a great success and I am delighted to say is carrying on. Last year, to kick it off, I took some pictures in this very room. To finish, I would like to do the same…..Smile please.

Thank you

You can see the papers relating to this meeting,
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