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Annual Council – The End!

May 11, 2010

May 11th 6.15pm
Civic Centre, Pershore

So here we are then. The final, final event. Although it’s not an event or function as such. This is annual council where the chairman gets his marching orders and a new one voted in. Usually I would spend the day preparing for the meeting, however once I have taken the vote, if one is needed, for the new chairman, I go to my seat on the back benches. So, not much preparation for me to do. We do have a rehearsal for this meeting only and a briefing. The briefing takes place before every meeting and is vital for the smooth running of the meeting. Anyway, here is what I said at tonight’s meeting. 

Good Evening, You will recall at our last meeting I announced Caroline would be unable to be with us tonight. We are however indebted to the Reverend Brian Holliday, who will lead us in prayer tonight.
In the last couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of opening the Leisure centre in Evesham, we had a very successful Chairman’s golf day, raising almost £750 for my supported charities, we spent a lovely few hours at St Richards Day in Droitwich, I was presented with a letter of appreciation and friendship from the people of Uzda in Belarus, we have had 2 excellent leaving doo’s, we attended Evesham Mayormaking last night and only this morning Wendy and I had a very interesting visit to Cllr Rob Adams ward.
I know it’s a cliché but I really do not understand how the last 12 months have flown by. I made a fairly detailed appraisal of my chairman’s year at the end of term doo last Friday and do not intend to repeat all of it, it is on the blog if you really want to read it, however I would briefly like to refer to my remarks and aspirations last year at this time. Last year I said my theme for the year would be business. I think I can say the lunches were successful and I have helped in a small way to promote Wychavon as an area where businesses can come and thrive, due to our geographical location, excellent transport, workforce  and technology links. I would like to thank Chris Brooks and his team for all their help with putting the Business Lunches together. I also said I wanted to highlight community involvement and political inclusion. Wendy and I have without doubt given greater publicity to many, many community projects and every one have given us enormous pleasure. The political inclusion thought, is still in it’s early stages locally but seems to have been taken literally by the whole country. Time will tell how that will work out. Perhaps we should change our constitution, so that the chairman can resign, but still stay on.
With regret my ward visits did not reach 100%, missing by 3.
Fundraising for my supported charities was much better than expected and we raised a total of £7600. I have been truly amazed by the generosity of companies and individuals, who gave prizes, donations and time. There are far too many to go into tonight but I do thank them all very much. 
We have had some sad occasions, and on your behalf I attended the funerals of 2 serving councillors during my year, Cllr Graham Gopsill and Cllr Ron Cartwright.
And now to a few thank you’s. Karen Peters and Mandy Ladds have been absolutely brilliant in making sure Wendy and I have been fully briefed and in the right place at the right time. Geoff Carpenter, who organised the chairman’s golf day so expertly. The girls in the graphics team who have done some brilliant designs for our functions and the print room for getting it all done on time. There are a number of officers, at all levels, that have helped along the way and I hope you will all accept a combined thank you. Wendy and I really do appreciate all the assistance, we have been given.
You will see from your agenda that this year I am making a specific presentation to my consort Cllr Mrs Wendy Dyke. I wanted this year to officially record my, and the councils appreciation, for everything Wendy has done, this last 12 months. Those of you who have been Chairman will know, that the role is a partnership, it’s teamwork and it is important that chairman and consort attend functions together, to be supportive together, and afterwards to analyse, to see how we can be more effective and how we can learn for other’s efforts. Of course all this is made much easier when you sleep with the person involved. So I am delighted this year to present a brooch, from the council, to my consort Cllr Mrs Wendy Dyke.
In conclusion, thank you for the opportunity, thank you for putting your trust in Wendy and me. We really have had a most memorable and unique experience.
And finally, the blog, It’s been a great success and I am delighted to say is carrying on. Last year, to kick it off, I took some pictures in this very room. To finish, I would like to do the same…..Smile please.

Thank you

You can see the papers relating to this meeting,
Click Here


Presentation from the People of Uzda, Belarus

May 5, 2010

Wednesday May 5th 10.00am
Chairman’ Office, Civic Centre

You will recall, I had the pleasure of seeing off a convoy of trucks carrying aid to Uzda, Belarus. Click here for a reminder
I sent a letter to the people of Uzda, expressing our friendship. This is what I said:-
Dear Governor,
This letter, brings an expression of support and friendship for the people of Uzda from Wychavon District residents in the UK.
It is with pride that we are associated with Chernobyl 2000 and it’s volunteer staff, who do wonderful work in bringing aid, generously donated, and helping those less fortunate than themselves. We are also pleased that children and staff from one of our schools have formed a relationship with families in Dzejiski and we hope this liaison continues to produce ongoing friendship between our peoples.
With every good wish for the future.

The Governor was very pleased to get the letter and responded with a letter, book and certificate. They were sent back via Mike Worton MBE and wife Mo , who have been organising the trips for many years and have improve the lifestyles of many people in Belarus.

This letter, brings an expression of support and friendship for the people of Uzda from Wychavon District residents in the UK.
It is with pride that we are associated with Chernobyl 2000 and it’s volunteer staff, who do wonderful work in bringing aid, generously donated, and helping those less fortunate than themselves. We are also pleased that children and staff from one of our schools have formed a relationship with families in Dzejiski and we hope this liaison continues to produce ongoing friendship between our peoples.
With every good wish for the future.

After School Club Showcase

March 31, 2010

March 31st 4pm
Number8, Pershore 

Wendy was unable to accompany me today so I had the pleasure of the Vice Chairman’s company.
The occasion was to witness a fantastic sharing of the work done over the last year, by the First and Middle Schools at the After School Club Arts project that Jenny Davies, WDC Arts Development Officer instigated last year. There was dance and drama performances and visual art slide shows to showcase their work. Once again local youth talent was on show and it was a great pleasure to hand out certificates to all taking part.

Jenny Davies introduces the ‘Acts’

Hopefully more pictures to follow soon.

Worcestershire Arts Education Youth Moves

March 29, 2010

March 29th 6.30pm
Number8 Community Arts Centre, Pershore

Part of the Voices and Visions program, this was Dance Platform 2010. It featured students from schools and dance groups from around Worcestershire and neighbouring counties. All in all some 100+ took part on stage and countless teachers coaches and choreographers put in hours of work behind the scenes, to make this show such a success. No pictures of the show from my camera, but I have asked for some official ones which I hope will soon be winging their way to me soon.

Program front cover

This was scanned for the inside back cover of the program and gives a flavour of the show, except this year, ALL the students were male. The students, as with all the shows we have been to see, were quite amazing. The dance routines, creative and very athletic, were a joy to watch. Well done and thank you for the invitation.


Council Business Lunch – Pershore

March 15, 2010

March 15th 12 noon
Angel Hotel, High Street, Pershore

Big Plum14

The second of our business lunches was held in Pershore. Attendance was up, compared to Evesham on February 15th and I think everyone involved enjoyed the occasion and found the experience worthwhile.
Evesham Business Lunch- Click Here
Droitwich Busines Lunch – Click Here

Meeting With Peter Luff MP

February 26, 2010

February 26th 10.00am
Members Room, Civic Centre, Pershore

In Wychavon we have 3 MP’s covering the district. Sir Michael Spicer MP, ( West Worcestershire) Peter Luff MP ( Mid Worcestershire ) and Jacqui Smith MP ( Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham and Cookhill ) The council, individual officers and members, keep in close touch with their MP’s. Ongoing discussions involving the district often include our MP’s, they have vital and sometimes a unique contribution to make. Each year around this time, a formal catch up meeting is held, with all members of the senior management team, executive board, chairman and vice chairman. Peter covers a larger area of Wychavon than the other two MP’s so the agenda is somewhat longer.


Welcome by Chairman of Wychavon, Councillor Andrew Dyke

 Public Spending Plans

 WETT Update

 Flood Alleviation Schemes

 Fees for Local Land Charges Searches

 Gypsies and Travellers

 Standards Board for England

 Brine Baths

 Hartlebury Castle

 Droitwich Canals

 Community Hospitals

 Migrant Workers

 Wind Farm

 Core Strategy and implications post Election


 Revenues and Benefits Admin Subsidy Grant


 Evesham Bridge

 EFW Plant – Hartlebury


Click here:- Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP
Click here:- Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP

Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP

February 12, 2010

February 12th 11.30am
Members Room, Civic Centre, Pershore

In Wychavon we have 3 MP’s covering the district. Sir Michael Spicer MP, ( West Worcestershire) Peter Luff MP ( Mid Worcestershire ) and Jacqui Smith MP ( Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham and Cookhill ) The council, individual officers and members, keep in close touch with their MP’s. Ongoing discussions involving the district often include our MP’s, they have vital and sometimes a unique contribution to make. Each year around this time, a formal catch up meeting is held, with all members of the senior management team, executive board, chairman and vice chairman.

Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP


  1. Welcome by Chairman of Wychavon, Councillor Andrew Dyke
  2. Future Public Spending Plans – Impact on Local Government
  3. WETT Update
  4. Regional Arrangements
  5. Migrant Workers
  6. Flood Alleviation Schemes
  7. Admin Subsidy Grant (Revenues & Benefits)
  8. Community Hospitals
  9. Concessionary Fares
  10. Planning Matters
  11. AOB

The meeting was very productive and lasted about an hour and a half.

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Click here:- Meeting with Peter Luff MP

Wychavon Design Awards 2009

February 11, 2010

February 11th 5.00pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Pershore

Every two years Wychavon District Council run the Building Design Awards to recognise building projects that show real design quality, craftsmanship and sustainable building practices.
If you’re a Builder, Project Manager, Architect or property owner, there are so many benefits to winning these awards.
The awards provide real recognition to public and peers as well as a raised profile within the industry. In this green age the sustainability aspect of the awards also provides real acclaim.
Winners will benefit from media exposure at a high profile awards ceremony and receive a plaque for the building providing long lasting public recognition.
All combined, this adds genuine appeal and saleability when marketing the property, enhances reputations and provides a certificate for your wall to mark your success.

Awards are broken down into the following categories:

1. Heritage Award – for the conservation of a historic building or new work within an historic context
2. Home Award – for a new build
3. Home Award – for extensions and conversions
4. Sustainability Award – for projects demonstrating high standards of energy conservation or sustainable construction
5. Community Architecture Award – for projects that serve the community. e.g. Village Halls, Schools,etc.

After a reception in the Showell Suite at the Civic Centre, The Development Contol Meeting  started at 6.15pm. At item 4,  I opened the awards with a few words:-

Wychavon Building Design Awards 2009
Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the presentation of the Wychavon Building Design Awards for 2009…
Good design is more than just ‘good looks’. It means that buildings and spaces function, in a way that adds to the quality of life for all those who use and experience them, and whilst this may be particularly true for public building, it can equally be applied to a new private dwelling on a residential street or a unit on one of our employment sites. We, at Wychavon, have been promoting good design through our Building Design Awards since the year 2000, and in that time, we have publically recognised and rewarded some 50 or so projects that have demonstrated high design quality, local distinctiveness and craftsmanship. The Awards not only celebrate excellence in building design but also recognise how important it is for developments today to have sound eco credentials as well,  including sustainable construction methods, materials and renewable energy. All  these factors are reflected in many of our award winners this evening. Design in this context is high on many agendas; national, regional, local and indeed it is on our agenda later this evening as the Committee will be considering the first draft of a new building design guide which will help spell out and reinforce this Council’s commitment to good design – conserving and enhancing all that’s special about the character of our towns, villages and rural areas. We recognise the importance of well designed buildings to the social, economic and environmental well being of our communities, buildings which respect and reinforce our local distinctiveness – but we do not want to shy away from new and exciting architecture which inspires our architects and the local construction industry – it is the mundane and the mediocre which we are striving to move away from. The Wychavon Building Design Awards are part of that process and we are proud to recognise and reward the efforts made by the owners, designers, architects, builders and developers, who’s projects demonstrate that the mundane and mediocre have no place in Wychavon. Before we move to make the actual awards I would just like to thank the members of the assessment panel, led by the chairman of the Development Control Committee, Councillor Mrs Jean Dowty and including representatives from all our Civic Societies and MADE, the regional architecture centre. Their interest and active participation brings a hugely valuable external dimension, leading to some lively debate and helping to raise the profile of the Awards. I would also like to thank Jim Burgin for all the work he and his team have put in to make these awards the success they are. So without further ado I’ll hand over to Jim Burgin to announce the first of the awards…..

Jim then read out the various citations list below and I had the pleasure of presenting the awards to rightly delighted recipients.


The first Award is in the Sustainable Development category and this is awarded to Elmley Castle Village Hall for their extensive renewable energy adaptations to the Village Hall with the objective of significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Bold yet sensitive siting of photovoltaic panels to the roof and air source heat pumps to the rear of the building have resulted in significant energy reduction and has made the hall self sufficient in electricity. The judges commented: It’s good to see the sustainability ethos being embedded at the local level and the exciting use of existing technologies to achieve wider benefits for the community This project should be an exemplar for other village halls and public buildings.

The second is a Commendation in the New  Homes category and this goes to Mr and Mrs Creese for Ashbee at Ashton under Hill. This new property on the site of a previous dwelling blends traditional construction methods and materials with the needs of contemporary living space. Its form and detailing respect its location on the slopes of Bredon Hill, retaining the visual proportions of a traditional rural building whilst in practice delivering a ridge height only marginally higher than a bungalow.  The judges commented: There is strong evidence of a craftsmanship approach to this building, understanding both the wishes of the client, the needs of the local planning authority and the particular constraints and opportunities offered by the site and for that it is to be commended.

The next Category is for Community Architecture, and first we have a Commendation for INDY Enabled Living in Evesham. This unique initiative, to provide a ‘try before you buy’ facility for a vast range of mobility products is sited in a purposed designed building at Vale Park in Evesham. The building complements a previous Award winner adjacent and is notable for its use of contemporary materials and striking design and construction methods which continues to raise the design standards of buildings in this employment area. The judges commented: The architect is to be commended on the elegant and contemporary design with an excellent quality and finish to the construction. This is then taken a stage further by tailoring the internal and external space to meet the particular needs of the client and end user.

The Award winner in the Community Architecture category goes to the Evesham Leisure Centre. The architects were Roberts – Limbrick  and construction was by Galliford Try. With its striking use of colour, forms and contrasting materials, the new leisure centre has the qualities to stand as a new landmark  development for the town. Sited against the sensitive backdrops of the Bell Tower one way and the river Avon the other, the building’s form respects but does not compete with these features. Internally, form follows function with intelligent use of light and space. Other environmental benefits include removal of contaminents and soil remediation following the sites former land fill use and a range of ecological mitigation measures. The judges commented: This much needed facility will be a fantastic resource for the town, further enhanced by the very visible and tactile use of materials and forms, both inside and out. These all help to create a new place of distinct character.

The next Category is Heritage and firstly we award a Commendation for the restoration of and alterations to Western House in Bridge Street, Pershore. This Grade II listed building was formerly a doctors surgery before becoming subdivided into flats. The present owners have carefully and sensitively restored the principal listed building, returning it to its former glory as a single dwelling with magnificent gardens stretching down to the river. A thoroughly craftsmanship approach to the internal  works and architectural reinstatement are matched by the quality of the  alterations to the rear and the whole now sits as an exemplar of faithful and sensitive restoration and alteration in a listed building context.

The Distinction in Building Award in this category goes to the Abbey Gate development in Evesham. The architects were Eastabrook Architects and the builders were D A Cook. This complex of Grade 1 listed buildings surrounded by Scheduled Ancient Monument presented a real conservation and regeneration challenge. Prior to redevelopment the buildings were used as offices and the site as a builders yard. Now it is presented as a mixed use development incorporating the listed buildings converted into apartments and offices with complementary new build residential to the rear. Careful and sensitive restoration sits comfortably alongside contemporary elements and the whole is set against the reinstated communal gardens. The judges commented: This development has been born out of a real desire to get it right. It displays excellent detailing and layout to reinforce its historical importance and create a strong sense of place and thoroughly deserves its Heritage Award.

Lastly there was a project that the judges could not easily categorise as it really fell to be considered in more than one category. We have decided therefore to make a special award for a project that distinguishes itself in both the Heritage and the sustainability categories and this goes to Hill Top Farm at Grafton Flyford for the particularly sensitive restoration of the listed building using traditional materials and techniques married to the integration of advanced renewable energy measures and thermal strategy. The architects were Poole-Phillips Architects and the building contractors were Hill and Heaton. Its success lies in the combination of solar panels, wind turbine, natural wool insulation and lime render with more innovative measures such as an intelligent heating system, underfloor heating and integrated vacuum cleaning system, all within the context of a listed building whose architecture has evolved over the centuries. The judges commented: This project embodies best practice and should be seen as a model for combining innovation and sustainable construction practices with conservation of our historic built environment. That the elements are discrete, restrained and work together in harmony is further testament to its success.

My part in the meeting finished at about 6.45pm and I left to travel to Evesham for a meeting of the Evesham Market Town Partnership, (EMTP) which is a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) Perhaps I will report on one of those meetings next time. If you can’t wait, you can find out more here:- Market Towns

Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP

February 5, 2010

February 5th 3.00pm
Members Meeting Room, Civic Centre, Pershore

In Wychavon we have 3 MP’s covering the district. Sir Michael Spicer MP, ( West Worcestershire) Peter Luff MP ( Mid Worcestershire ) and Jackie Smith MP ( Redditch, Inkberrow, Feckenham and Cookhill ) The council, individual officers and members, keep in close touch with their MP’s. Ongoing discussions involving the district often include our MP’s, they have vital and sometimes a unique contribution to make. Each year around this time, a formal catch up meeting is held, with all members of the senior management team, executive board, chairman and vice chairman.

This year was rather special, in as much as, this will be Sir Michael’s last formal annual meeting visit to Wychavon. He retires at the next election which will be in the next couple of months or so. We thought it in order to present Sir Michael with a small token of our appreciation, for all his efforts  over the last 36 years.

Meeting with Sir Michael Spicer MP

Welcome by Chairman of Wychavon, Councillor Andrew Dyke

  1. Future public spending plans – impact on local government
  2. Regional arrangements post election
  3. Admin Subsidy Grant (Revenues & Benefits)
  4. Concessionary Fares
  5. Community hospitals
  6. “WETT” Update
  7. Flood Alleviation schemes
  8. AOB

click here:- Meeting with Jacqui Smith MP
Click here:- Meeting with Peter Luff MP

Wychavon Bursary Awards

February 4, 2010

February 4th 6.00pm
Committee Rooms, Civic Centre, Pershore
I said:-
Good Evening and Welcome to the Wychavon Bursary Celebration.
First of all may I say thank you for coming this evening and in a slight change to previous years ceremonies this evening’s formalities are based upon Wychavon’s version, of the Oscars. 
The Wychavon Bursary was initiated by Wychavon District Council in 1993.  It was set up to recognise the 40th anniversary of the Queen’s accession and the service she has given to the nation since then.
29 of the parish councils in the district participate in the scheme. They all made a donation, which was added to Wychavon District Council’s own donation and invested.  The interest from this accumulated sum, provides the Bursary, awarded each year to the person or group who, in the opinion of others, has given the best service to their community. The award, of £200 in the form of a cheque, is presented to the winner which, it is hoped, will enable him or her to continue the good work for his or her community.
We have 12 nominations tonight, including 1 entire committee and 1 husband and wife team.
I intend to read out the nomination’s in alphabetical order. At the end of each nomination will that person please come up and receive their certificate and have a photograph taken. When all the nominations have been read out I will announce the runner up and winner. Regrettably, we can only have one winner.
I have to say ALL of the nominees are worthy winners and even if you have not been successful this time, there is nothing to stop your name being put forward again and I would urge those proposing to do so.  Just to get nominated means your local community have singled you out for going the extra mile, for being there and being an example to others.
And so to our first nominee………….

Broadway Village Activity Park Committee nominated by Broadway Town Council

The Committee is made up of Mr John Hankinson, Mr Gordon Paul, Mrs Pamela Street and Broadway Cllr Mrs Connie Wilson.  The Committee was set up approximately 2 years ago to establish a new play area as the existing one had fallen into a poor state of repair.  The major tasks of the Committee were to look at grant applications, purchase of equipment, engaging a contractor as well as consulting with local children.  The park was opened in May 2009 and has been a major attraction for children not only in Broadway but visitors as well.

Mr Cuthbert Jack Burford nominated by Kington and Dormston Parish Council

Jack, as he is fondly known, has lived in the village of Kington all his life and is now approaching 89 years of age this year. Over the years’ man and boy he has willingly given his time and help to numerous people. Jack approaches all activities with enthusiasm and vigour, a quality he still displays today. At the early age of about 16 he started to play the organ for the church services, including weddings and funerals.  He never charges a fee; regarding the people of the village, as his friends and that it is a privilege for him to be asked to play the organ.Jack  joined the church committee over 50 years ago and remains an active part of that committee today, attending meetings and giving advice when needed on historical events in the village.As well as the church, Jack takes an active role in both the Parish Council and the Village Hall, Jack was the first Chairman of the Parish Council when it was formed in 1970 and still remains an active member of it.  According to the clerk he is the font of all local knowledge, for example the location of old village drains and footpaths. Such local knowledge is often lost in time but with Jack’s assistance the Parish Council have been able to keep records to help with any queries that may occur, providing valuable information not only to the Parish Council but the District and County Council alike.He is loyal, trustworthy and approachable and has a great sense of humour always with a twinkle in his eye. Unfortunately Jack cannot be with us tonight. His award is being collected by his ward member and Vice Chairman of WDC Cllr Mrs Linda Robinson.

Mrs Doreen Byrd nominated by Beckford Parish Council

Mrs Byrd has, for the last forty eight years, dedicated herself to Beckford and also Ashton under Hill.  In the early years whilst raising her own children, she started up the playgroups in Beckford and then in Ashton and has dealt with numerous generations who she has nurtured under her wing.  She also has been involved in doing the church floral arrangements for the same period of time. This unpaid labour has indeed created many spectacular displays. Her quiet and unassuming way always brings out the best in people, her ability to converse at all levels is a wonderful asset and the children are always made to feel so special.

Mrs Sheila Grantham nominated by Pershore Town Council – 1

 Mrs Grantham is involved with many organisations in Pershore and surrounding areas she has been nominated specifically for her hard work and dedication over many years to St Andrews Parish Centre.I am sorry to say that’s all the information we have been given by Pershore Town Council. 

Mrs Carol Heath nominated by Ombersley & Doverdale Parish Council

Mrs Heath is the leader of Ombersley Girl Guides and has been involved with guides for over 30 years and leader of Ombersley for over 10 years.  This is a voluntary role which Carol loves and excels in.  The group led by Carol has provided essential skills for life for young girls, helping develop their team working skills and building their confidence.  The group is always happy and positive, her down to earth approach is a refreshing and levelling influence. There is no doubt that without Carol’s personal commitment guiding in Ombersley would not have continued.  Many activities happen because Carol covers the expenses from her own pocket and even uses her own car to transport girls to events and activities.  Carol is held in the highest regard and continues to make a positive contribution to life for no personal gain or reward. Unfortunately Mrs Heath cannot be with us tonight, Cllr Mrs Jean Dowty will collect her certificate on her behalf.

Frank Holliday nominated by Droitwich Spa Town Council

 Droitwich Town Council thinks very highly of Frank Holliday.  He was co-founder of Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls Football Club in 1979.  Over the past 30 years his primary role has been to organise and run mini soccer for 5 to 11 year olds. In recent years this has involved around 200 boys and girls training and playing matches at St Peters Fields. Frank has also been marking pitches on a Friday, ensuring that the right numbers of coaches, referees and pitches are available, that visiting teams know where to go and where to park and ensuring that kitchen staff and registration staff are available. He can turn his hand to anything and everything. He is currently overseeing the construction of a new storage facility, he regularly carries out maintenance at the Clubhouse, he organises kit and equipment, represents the Club at League meetings, organises tournaments and fund-raising events and plays a major role in arranging the Club’s annual Presentation Day. Amongst all of this, he still finds time to personally coach many youngsters. Over many years, not only do many Droitwich Spa people owe their interest and ability in football to Frank’s efforts, but now so are their children benefitting from his skill and dedication.

Mr Andrew John nominated by Overbury & Conderton Parish Council

It would be very difficult to live in Overbury and Conderton without knowing Andrew John. If you do not pass the time of day with him in the street you will undoubtedly meet him at the numerous events he organises or supports. Andrew is an intelligent and hugely experienced man who is only too pleased to share his knowledge and skills with those in need. There are numerous ways in which Andrew contributes to village life. Visiting elderly and infirm villagers in their own homes offering support and helping with errands, driving people to appointments, shopping etc. Chairman of Overbury Street Market Committee. The Committee runs the village’s main annual fund-raising event.  This is a year-round task which Andrew helps by holding meetings, collecting items for stalls, liaising with stall holders and organising the team to help him with the manual tasks on the day. As Chairman of Overbury Village hall committee, he has arranged various fund-raising events over many years and his practical skills have saved the Management Committee many thousands of pounds. He is a reliable member of the churchyard mowing/maintenance team, often first on site, and a member of the regular parish litter collection team.  Andrew organises the village bonfire and firework display each year. He also supports educational farm visits by under privileged children as a volunteer guide and teacher. Although now retired from farming, Andrew still has close ties with the farming community. The Parish of Overbury and Conderton would be a much poorer place if Andrew were ever to truly ‘retire’ from his work in the villages.

Cllr Mrs Diana Raphael nominated by Evesham Town Council

Councillor Mrs Raphael has, over many years, been a member of, and a tireless worker for, many charitable organisations in the town including John Martin’s Charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Samuel Wallace Smedley Trust and Avonbank Brass Band (of whom she is President), to name but a few.  In November last, the Town Council were pleased to make a presentation to Diana to mark her 25 years unbroken service as a Member of Evesham Town Council.  During this time she has been Mayor on two occasions in 1990 and 2002 and was Mayoress to her son, Robert, in 1998. I am sure that every Mayor during Diana’s time on the Town Council would confirm that the greatest support they received during their period of office was given by Diana.  She has organised countless Monks Suppers, Valentine Evenings, St George’s Day Concerts, Christmas in July, Asparagus Suppers, and much more besides, raising many thousands of pounds over the years for Mayor’s Charities benefitting mainly local charities. Diana is undoubtedly Evesham’s greatest ambassador, promoting the town at every opportunity both in her capacity as a Town Councillor and as Town Tour Guide.  She was a founder member of VETA (Vale of Evesham Tourism Association) which has since evolved into VECTA (Vale of Evesham Commerce and Tourist Association). It is, however, perhaps due to her past efforts as Chairman of the Evesham Britain-in-Bloom Committee that she is held in great affection by the Evesham Public.  When she took on the Chairmanship in 1997, Evesham had perennially finished in last place in the Annual Britain-in-Bloom Competition.  In her first year, however, Evesham achieved a creditable third place and then two second places in 1998 and 1999 before winning the Competition in Millennium Year.  This was the first time that any town had prevented Stratford-Upon-Avon from winning first prize!  She repeated this feat again in 2004 receiving a Gold Award and best in the Medium Town Category.  Diana is anxious to rekindle the Town’s entry in this year’s Competition. Achieving these awards involved Diana in many hours of work in which she raised in excess of £25,000 in sponsorship towards the floral enhancement of Evesham.  This she did by direct appeals to businesses, organisations and individuals in the town and by running numerous fund raising events mainly at “Raphael’s Restaurant”.  She also galvanised the schools in Evesham to participate in an annual Schools-in-Bloom and, from a limited initial entry, all schools (and the College) eventually participated. Turning now to Diana’s role as Chairman of Wychavon Festival of Brass, you will no doubt be aware that this competition has gained significant national importance over the years and brings kudos to the whole District.  The competition did, however, face financial difficulties three years ago but thanks to Diana and her Committee it has survived and its future would once again appear to be secure.In view of the above, and Diana’s many other achievements and contributions to the Evesham Community, an award to our “Mrs Evesham” under the Wychavon Bursary would be richly deserved.

Mr John Redman nominated by Harvington Parish Council

Mr Redman has worked continuously for 4 years towards the refurbishment of the Village Hall.  It was hoped that a lottery grant would help towards this but unfortunately it was unsuccessful.  He has done much of the organisation, planning and physical work himself, working tirelessly.  Whilst not yet completed, the transformation is fantastic.  Obviously Mr Redman has had assistance but a lot of what has been done has been due to his dedication towards the project which is of great value to the Village.

 June and Terry Tansley nominated by Hartlebury Parish Council

Hartlebury has its very own Terry and June.  Most of their work does not get a public airing and often goes unrecognised.  Retired businessman Terry Tansley and his wife June are long-standing members of Hartlebury Parish Hall committee and carry out vital unpaid behind-the-scenes work. Terry can always be relied upon to put a new lock on the back door, repair a broken window, stop a dripping tap or climb into the roof space to replace a faulty lighting tube. June has sorted out the bookings for the popular hall for many years. As keyholders, the Tansleys can always be relied upon to open the hall in cases of emergency. They keep the car park clear of litter and always make sure that the rubbish bins are available for collection.
Their efforts often remain unknown, even to other committee members.

Youth Councillor Alec Smith, Youth Mayor of Pershore and Youth Councillor Emma Hawtree, Deputy Youth Mayor of Pershore, are both nominated by Pershore Town Council

Alec and Emma have both been nominated for their commitment to the Youth Council and the town and for the enthusiasm with which they have led the Youth Council in its first year of existence. Once again we have no other information from Pershore Town Council so will both Alec and Emma please come up and receive your awards.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for.


The runner up this year is……….. Mr Andrew John


And, in the unanimous decision of the judges, the winner of this years Wychavon Bursary and a cheque for £200 is………………………..

Cllr Mrs Diana Raphael


 Cllr Mrs Diana Raphael, receiving her well deserved cheque for £200