Chairman's Charity Fundraiser – Valentine Dinner Party

February 14th 7.30pm
 Raphaels Restaurant, Boat Lane, Evesham
Raphaels Restaurant Website

A brilliant night, which raised over £300 for my supported charities. Many thanks to Diana, Robbie and John Raphael,without their hard work the evening would not have taken place.

Some of the raffle prizes

John Raphael, that’s him with the mic, gets the evening off to a flying start by asking everyone to find their partner. Under each side plate is a name, mine was Sampson and I had to find my Delila, from somewhere in the room. It turned out to be the Mayor of Bewdley! Anyway, first 3 couples to get to John win money, that’s Hampton Ferry money and the more money each table amasses, the more they bid for prizes in the auction at the end of the evening.

and these are the auction prizes.

As the night progresses, more quiz questions to tax the tables brains. “It’s, whatsit, you know, 1947”. No, no 1948, and so on. All great fun.

In between the fun and games we enjoyed fine food, lovingly prepared in the Raphael kitchen.

At the end of the evening, tables count up their winnings and bid for the prizes. Sammy Spencer does the honour here.

Thanks to everybody who came, It was a smashing night and one for your diary next year.


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