Chairman's Allowance and Budget's 2009/10

Allowances and Budgets

The Chairman and Vice chairman receive various extra allowances for their year’s office.
The Chairman and Vice chairman’s consorts receive nothing.

The basic councillor allowance is £4200 per annum

The Chairman receives and additional £6100. The Vice Chairman receives £2550. 25% is paid immediately upon taking office with the balance in monthly instalments. All allowances and expenses are taxed, at the rate normally paid by the postholder.

 From this the Chairman / Vice Chairman are expected to fund all their expenses when attending functions. These include, the purchase of additional clothing and hats. Dinner/ball tickets, raffle tickets, refreshments, donations, in fact any expense other than the following.

The chairman has a hospitality budget of £6100.00. This is used for any and all functions that the Chairman wishes to host. These include, meetings and presentations where refreshments are required, mainly at the civic centre. This budget is also used for specific items requested by the chairman and not budgeted for else ware.

A transport budget of £5400. This is used for the transportation of the Chairman and consort to civic functions. These can be far and wide and is an essential part of making sure the couple get to the location, on time, properly prepared and properly presented.

Travelling Expenses. Should a function be one that the Chairman considers does not require the use of a chauffeur driven car, the Chairman can claim a mileage allowance at the rate of 47.7 pence per mile, for using their own car.

Other expenses can be claimed in the course of council work and these can be seen here:-

It is planned, as time goes on, to list individual councillor claims on the WDC website. I welcome details being available to the public. It is worth stating, that the hospitality and transport budgets are controlled by officers at WDC against strict criteria and receipts.



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  1. Allowances and Expenditure Publication Working Group « Chairman of Wychavon Blog Says:

    […] Over the past few years, elected members, be they from national or local government have come under intense public interest and scrutuny. WDC already publishes, in the press and on it’s website details of all councillor expenses. I have been charged by council to look at what we do, how we do it, what we make public and how we as a council can be more transparent.  Today was our first meeting, the next is on March 8th, when I will have more to report. In the meantime, you can view allowances here:- Councillor Allowances Todays meeting agenda is here http://electra/ieListDocuments.aspxMId=3076 You can view the chairmans allowances here Chairmans allowances […]

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