Past Chairmen of Wychavon District Council

Wychavon was ‘born’ in 1974. Here are it’s past chairmen.

The early pictures, I think, were taken by Ken Upton and later ones by Stuart Purfield 

R G Burlingham 74-75-76

Cllr R G Burlingham 1974/75/76

J Beckley 76-77-78

J Beckley 1976/77/78

W B Ashton 78-79-80

W B Ashton 1978/79/80

R J Chandler JP 80-81-82

R J Chandler JP 1980/81/82

D Brooks 82-83-84

D Brooks 1982/83/84
Note: Additional Chain of Office

Mrs J Jones 84-85-86

Mrs J Jones 1984/85/86

E A Townsend 86-87

Mr E A Townsend 1986/87
Note: Previous two year appointment has not become one

D Lawley 87-88

D S Lawley 1987/88

Mrs C J Brackston 88-89

Mrs C J Brackston 1988/89

R Cartwright 89-90

R G Cartwright 1989/90

Mrs E Hope 90-91

Mrs E Hope 1990/91

G E Moone 91-92

G E Moone 1991/92

G J Barnet 92-93

G J Barnett 1992/93

P Coley 93-94

P Coley 1993/94

Mrs M M Mathews 94-95

Mrs M M Mathews 1994/95
During the term of Mrs Mathews, both chains of office were stolen and were replaced with one new chain as seen below.

V M Isaacs BEM 95-96

V m Isaacs BEM 1995/96

R Mason 96-97

R Mason 1996/97

S Selby 97-98

S J Selby 1997/98

J Payne 98-99

J D Payne 1998/99

Mrs E Hope 99-2000

Mrs E Hope 1999/2000 ( Second Term)

D W Folkes 2000-01

D W Folkes 2000/2001

A Hotham 01-02

A Hotham TD 2001/02

J H Smith 02-03

J H Smith 2002/03
In 2009 John Smith, became John Smith OBE for services to the community

M C J Barratt JP 03-04

M C J Barratt JP 2003/04

D S Noyes 04-05

D S Noyes 2004/05

Mrs PE Davey 05-06

Mrs P E Davey 2005/06

Mrs J C Dowty 06-07

Mrs J C Dowty 2006/07

D S Lawley 07-08

D S Lawley 2007/08 (Second Term)

Mrs J E Sandalls 08-09

Mrs J E Sandalls 2008/09

A L Dyke 09-10

A L Dyke 2009/10





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