December/January Entries

In no particular order. Here are the entries for December

Sunset – Adrian Hodges

Croome 1 – Sheila Weary

Croome 2 – Sheila Weary

Croome 8 – Sheila Weary

Croome 5 – Sheila Weary

All Steam Ahead – Mary Nielsen

River Stitch – James Elliott

Crop Bluebell n Butterfly – Adrian Hodges


Dear – Mike Nielsen

Sparkling Evesham – Marcus Allcock

Lamplight Bell Tower – Marcus Allcock

Pershore Abbey – Marcus Allcock

Cool Steam – Marcus Allcock

What you looking at? – Marcus Allcock

Stop Staring at me – Marcus Allcock

Whooshhhh – Marcus Allcock

New Evesham – James Elliott

Evesham Mop – Harriet Jelfs 

Waterside Snow – Gillian Mountjoy

Swan – Gillian Mountjoy

Autumn Walk – Gillian Mountjoy

Misty Memories – Gillian Mountjoy

Blazing Sunset – Gillian Mountjoy

Pershore College – Anne Clark

River Avon Hampton – Anne Clark

Broadway Tower – Ron Andrew

View of Broadway Hill – Mark Bond

Heave – Pamela Harridine

‘Put yer back into it’ – Pamela Harridine

 Finger Control – Pamela Harridine

Morris – Pamela Harridine

Balloon Over Head – Mary Nielsen

Cross on the Hill – Dave Stearman

Steady as She Goes – Dave Stearman

Mountain View – Dave Stearman

River View – Dave Stearman

Gulliver – Dave Stearman

Rushing River – Dave Stearman

Number Eight – Mary Nielsen

Lime Avenue – Ron Andrew

Snowshill Village – Ron Andrew

Workman Gardens – Ron Andrew


Sunset – Mark Bond

Autumn Colour – Mark Bond






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